Nikita Grudinin February 6, 2019

Пружина баланса

The amazing results that the Swiss watchmaking group  Swatch  Group  achieved  in  2018 have become known.

According to statistical studies, in 2018, sales of products of Swiss watch companies amounted to 8,475 million

francs, and net income - 867 million francs. 212  applications were filed for new patents.  About  1,700  places

were organized for new employees.

Representatives of the Swatch Group said that very soon the standards for Swiss mechanical watches in demand

throughout the world would be improved. Accessories of famous brands will be anti-magnetic. The watch will be

fitted with reliable  mechanisms  or  with  a  balance  spring  made  of  silicon  or with a similar  Nivachron part.

Changes  in manufacturing  technology,  which are planned for  the  near future,  will lead to the fact  that  the

products of  all  brands  belonging  to  the  Swatch  Group will take precedence over similar products from other

manufacturers.  The  quality and reliability of Swiss watches will increase.  Therefore,  the warranty period for

accessories is lengthened.  Experts say that,  starting from 2019,  the market share will increase.

Some brands of Swiss watches have received close attention.

In  2019,  it  is  planned to increase sales of the brand Harry Winston,  which recently invested  $ 50  million in the

purchase of Pink Legacy diamond. Thanks to the continued popularity of Fifty Fathoms watches, in 2018, Blancpain's

revenues were record high.

Omega is closely following significant events. Thus, the release of new models is timed to the 50th anniversary of

the first conquest of the moon.  The  company also intrigues all  admirers of high-quality accessories,  planning to

demonstrate in the second half of 2019 a novelty, the creation of which is timed to the 2020 Olympics. Very soon,

the T-Touch watch,  which boasts a standalone operating system,  will introduce Tissot to consumers.  The goal of

Longines is to eliminate the bottlenecks revealed by high demand in the near future.

Other growth opportunities

Also,  the Swatch  Group  mentions an increase in online sales.  It is believed that this year,  China will be the main

assistant. In this market, well-known Swiss manufacturers hope to take a leading position. There is also a possibility

that the share of the Swatch Group in the markets in Japan and the USA will increase.

Kalle Blomkvist June 25, 2018

In the modern world, especially among business elite and rating politicians, the appearance of the person is given special attention. Over the image of an influential person, working hard, works a whole army of stylists and image-makers. The factors determining the image being created are a great variety, and precious gems and jewelry are among them. Among the significant attributes of the image of the owner, leadership is rightfully given to the watches. It can be confidently asserted that today's watches has lost its original purpose - to inform its owner about the transience of time, and have become, in the first place - indicators of taste, style, respectability of their owner. Many endow this accessory with magical properties. Indeed, quality watches attract the eye, giving the owner a special charm, solidity and sexuality.

Choice of watches is a fairly responsible and important step, on which depends the perception of the person around. Cheap attributes of doubtful origin are not even worth considering as an option for a possible purchase. If the society still forgives negligence in quality and the kind of clothes worn, cheap products on the hand will be pushed away from the person, giving the possessor a lack of taste, vulgarity and citing the person in the ranks of bazaar tradesmen.

Who, if not Cartier's house, can be called a real aristocrat in the world of jewelry and the realm of clocks. Cartier is an acknowledged fashion trendsetter who has already established his laws for the second century and is the main arbiter of elegant style and excellent taste. Today, the delicately interwoven letters "C" - this is the standard of respectability and maturity of personality. Cartier brand - an eternal experimenter, looking for new outlines, who can combine the ancient traditions of watchmaking with the requirements of modernity.

World legend and timeless classics - watches from Cartier convey French elegance and grace, embodying the highest standards of precision of Swiss mechanisms. Appearing in the middle of the IX century, jewelry and accessories from Cartier struck, shocked, attracted and admired, but when not questioned their excellent quality and unique design. What is characteristic of watches from Cartier? Luxury and incredible beauty, chic inlaid with sparkling gems, a slight shift of the dial from the center, sapphire cabochons and faceted diamonds as a decoration for winding heads. The watch unites not only the name - everything that is produced by Cartier, gives the owner a fleur of power, maturity and elegance.

However, not everyone can afford a watch with this emblematic logo - accessories from Cartier only for those who have reached the top in this world.

An excellent solution for those who appreciate authentic style, Swiss precision and understands the influence of the legendary brand, whose products are able to radically change the owner's life - to purchase a replica of the Swiss watches. Replicas from Cartier are created by the best masters, using modern materials, completely and with generosity transferring original ideas. Copies of Swiss watches will conquer with their perfection all the true admirers of the incomparable splendor of Cartier style.

This is a real find, because at a very reasonable price, the buyer can buy a watches of his dreams. Replica of Cartier - an absolute absolute analogue, to find differences with the original can only a highly qualified dock, and even then with careful study. The watch has not only a complete external resemblance, but also has the same incredibly high quality inherent in the brand. Their Swiss mechanism is reliable, wear-resistant and durable, and the dial and strap is not inferior in quality to the pattern. These products will not let the owner at the most inopportune moment. Looking through the models of the catalog you can pick up the most interesting examples of the best men's, women's models, unisex products decorated with crystals and made of the best analogues of precious metals. Replica of Cartier - a profitable acquisition and successful investment of funds, which for many years will conquer the owner with its reliability and beauty.

Kalle Blomkvist June 20, 2018

Each of us is bound to face the question of buying a new watch. Determined with the choice of the model, we are looking for a quality, reliable, and at the same time, a stylish mechanism that fully justifies not only our expectations in its operation, but will also become an indispensable part that contributes to the formation of our image of a successful and prosperous person.

Mechanisms that fully meet these requirements, world-wide recognized brands watches of Swiss brands, but the price of such an original is not always available even for the buyer, with a level of prosperity higher than the average. It is the impeccable quality of the watches, produced by famous Swiss brands, and confirmed by the centuries-old reputation, contributed to such a phenomenon as the production of a high-quality replica of Swiss watches.

However, even in this case, it should be noted that the production of replicas of Swiss watches, unfortunately, is divided into two streams:

  • Primitive copies produced in China.
  • Replicas.

Chinese copies

The first category, Chinese copies, you can distinguish immediately. They are characterized by the use of brass in the watch case, the apparent errors in the performance of the dial (the shifting of numbers, incisions, vagueness of the inscriptions), the unevenness of the case, its obvious distortions, lack of engraving, poorly polished bracelets from cheap alloys or leatherette straps that are completely uncharacteristic for Swiss mechanisms inscription Made in Switzerland.


The authority of replicas is much higher. It is worth noting that the acquisition of a quality replica, admits many owners of the Swiss original. Often, the original Swiss products are kept by owners in cans and safes, while their hand is adorned with a qualitatively made, usually custom-made, replica, repeating to the smallest detail the prototype of its luxurious masterpiece.

Qualitatively performed replica is distinguished by:

  • a high level of assembly of the clockwork mechanism;
  • absolute external similarity to the original;
  • parts are made of reliable, high-quality materials;
  • absolutely identical to original, body processing;
  • they are made of the same precious metal as the original model;
  • Inlaying is used for finishing with precious stones (if present in the original).

At the same time, there are some nuances that, when you study the product in detail, will help you to understand that you have a quality one in your hands, but a replica of the original:

  • the precious stones available in the inlay of the hull will be the same as in the original, but their quality will be somewhat lower;
  • the fastening of the stones was made with lesser jeweler precision than in the original;
  • when holding a finger along the contour of the incrustation, there is a certain layering of stones in the body;
  • a replicas is not made in Switzerland
  • the replica is characterized by the inscription Swiss Movement (possibly also Swiss Quartz), while the original is accompanied by the note "Swiss Parts";
  • the details of the watch mechanism of the replica are not marked with the brand of the manufacturer, when in the original such a mark marks every detail;
  • the replica lacks branded engraving of winding heads, on which the original manufacturer puts the brand of its brand, although the marking itself is absolutely similar to the original.

The technology for manufacturing a quality replica is quite complex, and therefore its price is quite high. But, nevertheless, this does not make a good cue less popular. A wide range of products offered in this category, designed for both men and women, is of interest not only for those who want to please themselves to buy and wear a stylish, fashion accessory, but also for those who choose a non-trivial gift for a loved one , friend, boss or business partner.

Kalle Blomkvist June 12, 2018

About the opportunity to buy a more affordable copy of any expensive product today, they say openly. But the truth is, why buy a Swiss watch for fabulous money, if there is a replica, with no difference whatsoever from the original? But we would like to dwell on this issue in more detail. To bring relevant data to reality, our specialists visited two world-wide manufacturing centers: Shenzhen (China) and Antwerp (Belgium).

Such "skillful" Chinese

Clothing, footwear, accessories, gadgets, wristwatches - the Chinese take world-famous production technologies, and make them to the impossible easier and cheaper. Further, the markets and shops of the whole world are flooding. From them literally can not escape! But the most striking thing is the forgery of Swiss watches! Even a copy should have a body made of high-quality steel - the Chinese use silumin or brass. These are metals that can harm a person due to their specific oxidation properties. In addition, instead of mineral or sapphire glass, the Chinese "mold" plastic. They scratch from the slightest contact with another object and crack after the first fall. By the way, these "masters" live in Guangdong. Buying their counterfeits will not bring pleasure to the owner and may well result in health problems.

The mechanism of these mountain-hours is worth mentioning separately. In Chinese counterfeits, everything is categorically one-time and without the possibility of repair. Nevertheless, and they were buyers at a price of 1500-3000 rubles. Moreover, people from Vietnam were selling such "good".

A replica, but how!

In contrast, I would like to talk more about how they make copies of Swiss watches in Antwerp. Here lives a lot of immigrants from Switzerland, which, perhaps, explains the occurrence of active production of copies of watches. With logistics there are no problems, so Swiss mechanisms, sapphire glass and high-grade steel here - this is normal. Such copies are by definition not cheap. On the Internet, they are increasingly called "watches with a Swiss mechanism." In fact, many of them are equipped with Japanese mechanisms, and they are cheaper.

The quality of the replicas from the original parts is unconditional, but the cost is still an order of magnitude lower than the original. Connoisseurs have already become addicted to this alternative, but the ETA machinery company (Switzerland) has significantly limited production and introduced quotas. This was reflected in the fact that the mechanism does not have a stigma. This means only that it was not assembled directly at the ETA factory. On the quality of the final product, this is not reflected and will allow the owner to fully enjoy the high quality of the impeccable replica.

Kalle Blomkvist June 8, 2018

Over the past few centuries, electricity has become more firmly entrenched in human life, of course, that it affected many areas of life and activity, including watchmaking. At first, mechanical watches appeared, which were very precise, but difficult to manufacture and quite expensive. The perfect alternative was the appearance of quartz watches, which have the same accuracy, but are available to absolutely everyone. Let's try to figure out how the quartz watch works and how they work.

Main components of quartz watches

These watches are named so thanks to the crystal of quartz, which is the source of the oscillation. With its help provides greater stability of pulses, and therefore, and greater accuracy of the stroke. An electric field is produced by the crystal, but if subjected to an electric current, the crystal will contract, that is, it can be made to oscillate, all crystals differing in the resonance frequency. The ideal oscillation frequency is 32 768 Hz.

The main elements of the quartz watches are the stepper motor and the electronic unit, the motor rotates the arrows, and the unit sends it a pulse once a second. The battery that feeds both these components usually works for several years, which allows you to forget that you need to wind up the watches, throughout this time. Therefore, quartz watches are a unique combination of convenience in use and a high level of accuracy.

Composition of the electronic unit and stepper motor

In quartz watches an electronic unit consists of two parts - a generator and a divider. The generator generates electric oscillations, stabilized with the aid of a quartz crystal at its frequency. As a result, we obtain a generator of electric oscillations of stable frequency.

Per second, the oscillator generates 32,768 oscillations, which is more than the number of oscillations in a conventional clock of approximately 10,000 times - mechanical devices simply can not perform work at this speed. The second part of the electronic unit, the divider, is designed to convert these oscillations into electric pulses of frequency 1 Hz, which are then fed to the winding of the stepping electric motor.

As for the engine, its components are a stator, a coil with a winding that is fixed on it, and a rotor, which is a permanent magnet on the axis. When a pulse passes through the coil, a magnetic field is created that rotates the rotor half a turn, which rotates the arrows through the gear system.

Service life of quartz watch

When buying a watches, the natural question arises: how long will they last? Hypothetically, a good quartz watch should not be inferior to a mechanical watch in the matter of durability. The wheel mechanism and the stepping motor will serve for a long time, you only need to change the battery every few years. The exact statistics are not yet available, because there were quartz watches only 40 years ago, but many such hours go so far.

Today, there are many different and modern models of quartz watches, both male and female, so everyone can choose for themselves what will be ideal for him.

Appearance and additional functions

The dial with arrows can be considered a classic option, but sometimes a digital display is also used. Such watches are called quartz ones with digital indication, which emphasizes the fact that the watch's base is a quartz oscillator, and the time information is shown on the screen in the form of figures. Among other things, you can program the chip in a special way and get a stopwatch, an alarm clock, a chronograph and so on instead of the usual clock.

Kalle Blomkvist June 5, 2018

Every wristwatch, simple or complicated, is subject to the influence of the environment. Protection from sudden temperature changes, moisture and dust is a watch glass. It also allows you to protect from the mechanical damage the dial and arrows. Watch companies use three main types of glasses: sapphire, plastic and mineral, which differ in their characteristics, quality and price.

The simplest is plastic glass. Mineral glass is more popular, therefore it has the most democratic value. The most expensive is sapphire glass, while it is more high-quality. It is possible to install any glass in the watch, but according to its characteristics it must correspond to the class of the device itself. For example, sapphire glasses are installed in waterproof and shock-resistant models, and plastic or mineral ones in everyday or sports watches. And the reason for this decision is the price policy.

Mineral glass is the most common, as its production and replacement is inexpensive. But, it is worth noting that the strength of this glass is quite good - 6.5 units on the Mos's scale. Artificial sapphire glass is considered the most solid and reliable protection of the dial, but in production and replacement it is the most expensive. Its price determines not only the material, but also the form, since it is not so simple to make a complex product out of sapphire. Hardness is close to diamond: its strength is 9 units. Plastic glass is not glass in its essence. This is a kind of protection of the dial, the strength of which depends on the type of this material.

The shape of the glass depends not only on the designer's creative impulse, but also on the type of watch. The main forms are round and curly. Design models usually use the latest: oval, faceted, rhombic or square. For sports watches, glass of round or rectangular shape is used most often. Flat and convex glass is also quite common. Flat is easy to replace, but it is strong enough. Glass convex form is found in sports models. It is also reliable, due to the increased thickness.

How to distinguish one type of glass from another? Usually the inscription on the dial indicates the type of glass: Sapphire glass - sapphire, Srystal - mineral, and Hesalite - plastic. If there is no inscription, you can use the following test. On the surface of the glass to drip a little water, if the glass is mineral, then the drop with the inclination of the watches will spread with a tail, and if sapphire, it will remain round. If the glass with anti-reflective coating, the drop does not move at all from the surface.

Kalle Blomkvist June 1, 2018

Swiss watches, as an indicator of prosperity and luxury, are used by businessmens to maintain their image. Such a stylish accessory emphasizes the position in society and the level of income of its owner. But in fact, replicas of Swiss watches do not look worse, but they cost much less. They are of high quality, are performed in different styles and are available at an affordable price.

Another advantage is their complete similarity with the original, because even the smallest details are copied with special precision, thanks to the use of automated production lines with the latest equipment. Manufacturers closely monitor the repetition of design, so that you can distinguish a copy only when using special tools.

Replicas of Swiss watches, as well as originals of top brands, are executed in different stylistic decisions and can take different forms. Some models are similar to each other, and future owners are wondering why prices for similar watches are different? The main indicator that influences the formation of prices is the use of alternative materials for the production of the final product:

  • The body and mechanisms are made of different metals, replacing precious analogs. Nickel, tin, various alloys differ in value, and accordingly, affect the price of copies of Swiss watches;
  • Sapphire crystal can be replaced with plastic, simple glass, plastic alloy, so the price for different models varies;
  • The precious stones used to decorate the dial are replaced with semiprecious analogs or artificial rhinestones, and their price is much lower.

Do not forget that replacing precious materials with more simple ones does not affect the quality of analog watches. In their manufacture modern technologies are used, which allow to accurately repeat the original. Therefore, replicas of Swiss watches are longevous. The creators provide warranty service for the next two years, and such a long period of time indicates that they are confident in the quality of their products. By purchasing a replica of a Swiss watch for yourself or as a gift, you can be sure that you will wear a stylish accessory of good quality on your hand!

Kalle Blomkvist June 1, 2018

In the hectic everyday life, everyone must control time. The first wristwatch, invented in 1868, served more as an ornament for girls of that time than as a useful device. Modern watches are able to tell a lot about their owner, his solvency, social status and even about some personal qualities. What is a watches? A simple decoration, a symbol of seriousness and stability or a useful device?

Each of us sooner or later wondered about which hand is more correct to wear a watch. And so far no one has given an exact answer to this question. There are a lot of pros and cons of wearing on different hands. After all, both hands are equally important to a person. So which one will be more suitable for using the watch?


Considering the fact that most of the inhabitants of the planet write with their right hand, in this case it is more convenient to put the watch on the left hand, so that they just do not interfere. Many models are equipped with a factory on the right, which again indicates the functionality of the right hand and the convenience to put one of these models on the left. The military, who took part in the fighting, wore the watch on the left arm. Using the right weapon, the officers wore them on the left, in order to avoid breakage.

It is also believed that people wearing a watch on their left hand are more successful, attentive and active.


For those who are accustomed to writing with the left hand, it is more advisable to wear the watches on the right hand, for convenience and to prevent frequent strokes. For these people, special models are produced, with a factory on the left. On the working hand, such an accessory is more accessible to the views of others. And to stand out from the masses, many wear their watches on the right, showing their individuality.

There is a parable about the thief clan, who wore a watch only on his right hand, for the difference from ordinary citizens. And those citizens who learned about this cunning, changed their right to their right, thus protecting themselves from robbery and robbery.

On which hand it is right to wear a watch to girls, it is impossible to give an exact answer. Unlike men, women treat them not as a simple functional thing. For them, the clock is more than that. Female models should be combined not only with the chosen clothes, but also with costume jewelery and even shoes. For example, if her image contains bracelets and rings, then the watch will be worn on the hand where there are no accessories. Women can choose their hand even under the mood, so there is no logical explanation for proper wearing.

Before you wear on a watches, decide in which place their wearing will be more comfortable, practical and more correct. When choosing this accessory, you should focus not only on its appearance, but also on the convenience, the width of the strap and how it sits along with the clock on his hand. The watch bracelet should not interfere and curb movement.

Kalle Blomkvist May 25, 2018

Gilding is a household name, which is accessible to most customers. Under this term combined several types of coatings, for example - modern spraying. Such a coating provides a surface with such important qualities:

  • complete analogy with natural gold
  • if necessary - a wide range of color shades, capable of both imitating gold and its alloys, and depict other precious materials
  • optimal price corresponding to the idea of a replica

Swiss Watches replicas with gilding

Gilding has a great decorative and symbolic effect. In the minds of many buyers, gold in watches is associated with all the qualities of this symbol of wealth and success. The same effect is produced by any product with an emphasis on applied gold - for example, a pen with a gold feather.

That's why a certain part of the watch in the gold case is sold only because of the prestige of future owners. Buying a watch in a gold-plated case, the buyer worries about the durability of this effect, so the requirements for quality gilding are very high.

Gold-plated watches have their own audience. Traditionally, watches with gilding are much more appreciated in countries with natural dark skin. For some people, respect and love for gold are so developed that from the whole variety of design decisions the watches associated with this metal or its imitation are invariably popular.

Gilding in watches is a decisive compositional tool. The color of gold requires an exact match for the color of all other components of the watch design. It is interesting that avant-garde and other advanced models of watches practically do not use gold in design searches. Gold and gilding are steadily associated with stability, conservatism, and traditions.

The assortment of products of a solid watch house usually includes many series of watches with various elaborations of their decoration. If, for example, the Rolex watch traditionally represents many models of pure gold direction, then the watch from Breguet is a great variety of solutions more or less reminiscent of gilding. Such a thin choice of hull cover can be estimated from the photograph in the catalog. This is how many remote purchases of copies of Swiss watches are made.

Kalle Blomkvist May 22, 2018

The formation of the value of Swiss watches shows a steady increase in the share of non-production expenses for their production. Designer developments, new technologies, great hospitality - all this is "a fee for the brand." As there is a cost of hours and profit, without which production can not be.

This principle of forming the value of the famous Swiss watches, as well as any high-quality goods, revered as a luxury item, inevitably suggests the idea of producing such watches that do not need "brand fee".

In relation to the Swiss watch, a compromise solution has been found. Its meaning is to produce high-precision copies of Swiss watches in such production and under such conditions that the cost structure will be only the cost price and profit.

Replica Swiss Watches

The main principles and features of manufacturing replicas of Swiss watches:

  • The mechanism is produced in a modern enterprise in compliance with the original technology or with minimal deviations due to the limits of the optimal cost
  • Replacement of expensive materials with similar ones of lower cost
  • The body parts are made on the basis of the main idea of obtaining an affordable price. First of all, this is the replacement of expensive metals and stones for cheaper alloys and artificial precious stones

It is interesting that some parts can not be replaced. It is impossible to replace the sapphire crystal, which is put on the Swiss watch for a long time. This glass is also put on replicas. It has unique properties, and its use for replicas greatly increases the reliability.

There is no need to replace most of the details of the mechanism of the watches. This explains the fact that most replicas establish exactly the same mechanisms that work in the original watches. These mechanisms are produced in Switzerland and Japan, and their quality has never been any complaints.

The main principle of copying a Swiss watch is the maximum preservation of the design of the watch and the external qualities of the decor, the creation of such production conditions, in which non-production costs and charges to the cost will be minimal.

Is it possible to solve this problem only in the factory, in the production environment of a high level. Watches made at such a factory have minimal differences from the original, but have nothing to do with fakes, which for a penny price are stamped unknown where.

Replicas of Swiss watches can be so perfect that distinguishing them from the original is not always possible without detailed inspection. But a high-quality replicas from a cheap fake can always be distinguished and even a simple inexperienced buyer can do it.

There are many less significant rules and standards for copying watches, and compliance with each of them not only increases the quality of the replica, but also gives such a copy the independent value of a reliable and long-lasting device.