On which hand is it correct to wear a watches?

June 1, 2018

In the hectic everyday life, everyone must control time. The first wristwatch, invented in 1868, served more as an ornament for girls of that time than as a useful device. Modern watches are able to tell a lot about their owner, his solvency, social status and even about some personal qualities. What is a watches? A simple decoration, a symbol of seriousness and stability or a useful device?

Each of us sooner or later wondered about which hand is more correct to wear a watch. And so far no one has given an exact answer to this question. There are a lot of pros and cons of wearing on different hands. After all, both hands are equally important to a person. So which one will be more suitable for using the watch?


Considering the fact that most of the inhabitants of the planet write with their right hand, in this case it is more convenient to put the watch on the left hand, so that they just do not interfere. Many models are equipped with a factory on the right, which again indicates the functionality of the right hand and the convenience to put one of these models on the left. The military, who took part in the fighting, wore the watch on the left arm. Using the right weapon, the officers wore them on the left, in order to avoid breakage.

It is also believed that people wearing a watch on their left hand are more successful, attentive and active.


For those who are accustomed to writing with the left hand, it is more advisable to wear the watches on the right hand, for convenience and to prevent frequent strokes. For these people, special models are produced, with a factory on the left. On the working hand, such an accessory is more accessible to the views of others. And to stand out from the masses, many wear their watches on the right, showing their individuality.

There is a parable about the thief clan, who wore a watch only on his right hand, for the difference from ordinary citizens. And those citizens who learned about this cunning, changed their right to their right, thus protecting themselves from robbery and robbery.

On which hand it is right to wear a watch to girls, it is impossible to give an exact answer. Unlike men, women treat them not as a simple functional thing. For them, the clock is more than that. Female models should be combined not only with the chosen clothes, but also with costume jewelery and even shoes. For example, if her image contains bracelets and rings, then the watch will be worn on the hand where there are no accessories. Women can choose their hand even under the mood, so there is no logical explanation for proper wearing.

Before you wear on a watches, decide in which place their wearing will be more comfortable, practical and more correct. When choosing this accessory, you should focus not only on its appearance, but also on the convenience, the width of the strap and how it sits along with the clock on his hand. The watch bracelet should not interfere and curb movement.