Expand the replicas on the shelves

June 12, 2018

About the opportunity to buy a more affordable copy of any expensive product today, they say openly. But the truth is, why buy a Swiss watch for fabulous money, if there is a replica, with no difference whatsoever from the original? But we would like to dwell on this issue in more detail. To bring relevant data to reality, our specialists visited two world-wide manufacturing centers: Shenzhen (China) and Antwerp (Belgium).

Such "skillful" Chinese

Clothing, footwear, accessories, gadgets, wristwatches - the Chinese take world-famous production technologies, and make them to the impossible easier and cheaper. Further, the markets and shops of the whole world are flooding. From them literally can not escape! But the most striking thing is the forgery of Swiss watches! Even a copy should have a body made of high-quality steel - the Chinese use silumin or brass. These are metals that can harm a person due to their specific oxidation properties. In addition, instead of mineral or sapphire glass, the Chinese "mold" plastic. They scratch from the slightest contact with another object and crack after the first fall. By the way, these "masters" live in Guangdong. Buying their counterfeits will not bring pleasure to the owner and may well result in health problems.

The mechanism of these mountain-hours is worth mentioning separately. In Chinese counterfeits, everything is categorically one-time and without the possibility of repair. Nevertheless, and they were buyers at a price of 1500-3000 rubles. Moreover, people from Vietnam were selling such "good".

A replica, but how!

In contrast, I would like to talk more about how they make copies of Swiss watches in Antwerp. Here lives a lot of immigrants from Switzerland, which, perhaps, explains the occurrence of active production of copies of watches. With logistics there are no problems, so Swiss mechanisms, sapphire glass and high-grade steel here - this is normal. Such copies are by definition not cheap. On the Internet, they are increasingly called "watches with a Swiss mechanism." In fact, many of them are equipped with Japanese mechanisms, and they are cheaper.

The quality of the replicas from the original parts is unconditional, but the cost is still an order of magnitude lower than the original. Connoisseurs have already become addicted to this alternative, but the ETA machinery company (Switzerland) has significantly limited production and introduced quotas. This was reflected in the fact that the mechanism does not have a stigma. This means only that it was not assembled directly at the ETA factory. On the quality of the final product, this is not reflected and will allow the owner to fully enjoy the high quality of the impeccable replica.