Gold-plated replicas

May 25, 2018

Gilding is a household name, which is accessible to most customers. Under this term combined several types of coatings, for example - modern spraying. Such a coating provides a surface with such important qualities:

  • complete analogy with natural gold
  • if necessary - a wide range of color shades, capable of both imitating gold and its alloys, and depict other precious materials
  • optimal price corresponding to the idea of a replica

Swiss Watches replicas with gilding

Gilding has a great decorative and symbolic effect. In the minds of many buyers, gold in watches is associated with all the qualities of this symbol of wealth and success. The same effect is produced by any product with an emphasis on applied gold - for example, a pen with a gold feather.

That's why a certain part of the watch in the gold case is sold only because of the prestige of future owners. Buying a watch in a gold-plated case, the buyer worries about the durability of this effect, so the requirements for quality gilding are very high.

Gold-plated watches have their own audience. Traditionally, watches with gilding are much more appreciated in countries with natural dark skin. For some people, respect and love for gold are so developed that from the whole variety of design decisions the watches associated with this metal or its imitation are invariably popular.

Gilding in watches is a decisive compositional tool. The color of gold requires an exact match for the color of all other components of the watch design. It is interesting that avant-garde and other advanced models of watches practically do not use gold in design searches. Gold and gilding are steadily associated with stability, conservatism, and traditions.

The assortment of products of a solid watch house usually includes many series of watches with various elaborations of their decoration. If, for example, the Rolex watch traditionally represents many models of pure gold direction, then the watch from Breguet is a great variety of solutions more or less reminiscent of gilding. Such a thin choice of hull cover can be estimated from the photograph in the catalog. This is how many remote purchases of copies of Swiss watches are made.