On the results achieved and the new plans of the Swatch Group

February 6, 2019

Пружина баланса

The amazing results that the Swiss watchmaking group  Swatch  Group  achieved  in  2018 have become known.

According to statistical studies, in 2018, sales of products of Swiss watch companies amounted to 8,475 million

francs, and net income - 867 million francs. 212  applications were filed for new patents.  About  1,700  places

were organized for new employees.

Representatives of the Swatch Group said that very soon the standards for Swiss mechanical watches in demand

throughout the world would be improved. Accessories of famous brands will be anti-magnetic. The watch will be

fitted with reliable  mechanisms  or  with  a  balance  spring  made  of  silicon  or with a similar  Nivachron part.

Changes  in manufacturing  technology,  which are planned for  the  near future,  will lead to the fact  that  the

products of  all  brands  belonging  to  the  Swatch  Group will take precedence over similar products from other

manufacturers.  The  quality and reliability of Swiss watches will increase.  Therefore,  the warranty period for

accessories is lengthened.  Experts say that,  starting from 2019,  the market share will increase.

Some brands of Swiss watches have received close attention.

In  2019,  it  is  planned to increase sales of the brand Harry Winston,  which recently invested  $ 50  million in the

purchase of Pink Legacy diamond. Thanks to the continued popularity of Fifty Fathoms watches, in 2018, Blancpain's

revenues were record high.

Omega is closely following significant events. Thus, the release of new models is timed to the 50th anniversary of

the first conquest of the moon.  The  company also intrigues all  admirers of high-quality accessories,  planning to

demonstrate in the second half of 2019 a novelty, the creation of which is timed to the 2020 Olympics. Very soon,

the T-Touch watch,  which boasts a standalone operating system,  will introduce Tissot to consumers.  The goal of

Longines is to eliminate the bottlenecks revealed by high demand in the near future.

Other growth opportunities

Also,  the Swatch  Group  mentions an increase in online sales.  It is believed that this year,  China will be the main

assistant. In this market, well-known Swiss manufacturers hope to take a leading position. There is also a possibility

that the share of the Swatch Group in the markets in Japan and the USA will increase.