Quality and taste quintessence

June 20, 2018

Each of us is bound to face the question of buying a new watch. Determined with the choice of the model, we are looking for a quality, reliable, and at the same time, a stylish mechanism that fully justifies not only our expectations in its operation, but will also become an indispensable part that contributes to the formation of our image of a successful and prosperous person.

Mechanisms that fully meet these requirements, world-wide recognized brands watches of Swiss brands, but the price of such an original is not always available even for the buyer, with a level of prosperity higher than the average. It is the impeccable quality of the watches, produced by famous Swiss brands, and confirmed by the centuries-old reputation, contributed to such a phenomenon as the production of a high-quality replica of Swiss watches.

However, even in this case, it should be noted that the production of replicas of Swiss watches, unfortunately, is divided into two streams:

  • Primitive copies produced in China.
  • Replicas.

Chinese copies

The first category, Chinese copies, you can distinguish immediately. They are characterized by the use of brass in the watch case, the apparent errors in the performance of the dial (the shifting of numbers, incisions, vagueness of the inscriptions), the unevenness of the case, its obvious distortions, lack of engraving, poorly polished bracelets from cheap alloys or leatherette straps that are completely uncharacteristic for Swiss mechanisms inscription Made in Switzerland.


The authority of replicas is much higher. It is worth noting that the acquisition of a quality replica, admits many owners of the Swiss original. Often, the original Swiss products are kept by owners in cans and safes, while their hand is adorned with a qualitatively made, usually custom-made, replica, repeating to the smallest detail the prototype of its luxurious masterpiece.

Qualitatively performed replica is distinguished by:

  • a high level of assembly of the clockwork mechanism;
  • absolute external similarity to the original;
  • parts are made of reliable, high-quality materials;
  • absolutely identical to original, body processing;
  • they are made of the same precious metal as the original model;
  • Inlaying is used for finishing with precious stones (if present in the original).

At the same time, there are some nuances that, when you study the product in detail, will help you to understand that you have a quality one in your hands, but a replica of the original:

  • the precious stones available in the inlay of the hull will be the same as in the original, but their quality will be somewhat lower;
  • the fastening of the stones was made with lesser jeweler precision than in the original;
  • when holding a finger along the contour of the incrustation, there is a certain layering of stones in the body;
  • a replicas is not made in Switzerland
  • the replica is characterized by the inscription Swiss Movement (possibly also Swiss Quartz), while the original is accompanied by the note "Swiss Parts";
  • the details of the watch mechanism of the replica are not marked with the brand of the manufacturer, when in the original such a mark marks every detail;
  • the replica lacks branded engraving of winding heads, on which the original manufacturer puts the brand of its brand, although the marking itself is absolutely similar to the original.

The technology for manufacturing a quality replica is quite complex, and therefore its price is quite high. But, nevertheless, this does not make a good cue less popular. A wide range of products offered in this category, designed for both men and women, is of interest not only for those who want to please themselves to buy and wear a stylish, fashion accessory, but also for those who choose a non-trivial gift for a loved one , friend, boss or business partner.