Swiss watches - the main principles of copying

May 22, 2018

The formation of the value of Swiss watches shows a steady increase in the share of non-production expenses for their production. Designer developments, new technologies, great hospitality - all this is "a fee for the brand." As there is a cost of hours and profit, without which production can not be.

This principle of forming the value of the famous Swiss watches, as well as any high-quality goods, revered as a luxury item, inevitably suggests the idea of producing such watches that do not need "brand fee".

In relation to the Swiss watch, a compromise solution has been found. Its meaning is to produce high-precision copies of Swiss watches in such production and under such conditions that the cost structure will be only the cost price and profit.

Replica Swiss Watches

The main principles and features of manufacturing replicas of Swiss watches:

  • The mechanism is produced in a modern enterprise in compliance with the original technology or with minimal deviations due to the limits of the optimal cost
  • Replacement of expensive materials with similar ones of lower cost
  • The body parts are made on the basis of the main idea of obtaining an affordable price. First of all, this is the replacement of expensive metals and stones for cheaper alloys and artificial precious stones

It is interesting that some parts can not be replaced. It is impossible to replace the sapphire crystal, which is put on the Swiss watch for a long time. This glass is also put on replicas. It has unique properties, and its use for replicas greatly increases the reliability.

There is no need to replace most of the details of the mechanism of the watches. This explains the fact that most replicas establish exactly the same mechanisms that work in the original watches. These mechanisms are produced in Switzerland and Japan, and their quality has never been any complaints.

The main principle of copying a Swiss watch is the maximum preservation of the design of the watch and the external qualities of the decor, the creation of such production conditions, in which non-production costs and charges to the cost will be minimal.

Is it possible to solve this problem only in the factory, in the production environment of a high level. Watches made at such a factory have minimal differences from the original, but have nothing to do with fakes, which for a penny price are stamped unknown where.

Replicas of Swiss watches can be so perfect that distinguishing them from the original is not always possible without detailed inspection. But a high-quality replicas from a cheap fake can always be distinguished and even a simple inexperienced buyer can do it.

There are many less significant rules and standards for copying watches, and compliance with each of them not only increases the quality of the replica, but also gives such a copy the independent value of a reliable and long-lasting device.