Why are the prices for similar watches are different?

June 1, 2018

Swiss watches, as an indicator of prosperity and luxury, are used by businessmens to maintain their image. Such a stylish accessory emphasizes the position in society and the level of income of its owner. But in fact, replicas of Swiss watches do not look worse, but they cost much less. They are of high quality, are performed in different styles and are available at an affordable price.

Another advantage is their complete similarity with the original, because even the smallest details are copied with special precision, thanks to the use of automated production lines with the latest equipment. Manufacturers closely monitor the repetition of design, so that you can distinguish a copy only when using special tools.

Replicas of Swiss watches, as well as originals of top brands, are executed in different stylistic decisions and can take different forms. Some models are similar to each other, and future owners are wondering why prices for similar watches are different? The main indicator that influences the formation of prices is the use of alternative materials for the production of the final product:

  • The body and mechanisms are made of different metals, replacing precious analogs. Nickel, tin, various alloys differ in value, and accordingly, affect the price of copies of Swiss watches;
  • Sapphire crystal can be replaced with plastic, simple glass, plastic alloy, so the price for different models varies;
  • The precious stones used to decorate the dial are replaced with semiprecious analogs or artificial rhinestones, and their price is much lower.

Do not forget that replacing precious materials with more simple ones does not affect the quality of analog watches. In their manufacture modern technologies are used, which allow to accurately repeat the original. Therefore, replicas of Swiss watches are longevous. The creators provide warranty service for the next two years, and such a long period of time indicates that they are confident in the quality of their products. By purchasing a replica of a Swiss watch for yourself or as a gift, you can be sure that you will wear a stylish accessory of good quality on your hand!