About Breitling

About Breitling The company's logo appropriately combines the distinctive Breitling "B" with a wings emblem and an anchor. Breitling is the first choice of many pilots around the world, and so it is not surprising that a number of national aerobatics teams have selected Breitling to be their official watch. They include Britain's Red arrows, Japan's Blue Impulse and the US Airforce's Thunderbirds.

Breitling introduced the very first chronograph. Prominent in the Breitling Watch lineup are the Breitling Chronomat the Breitling Navitimer, Hercules, The Breitling B-1 and the Breitling Crosswind. In Aviation, Brietling Chronographs are highly regarded among Pilots and various armed forces throughout the world use the Breitling watches as their watch equipment.

Breitling--one watch made this name famous worldwide, the Navitimer. In 1952 this watch was a sensation. This watch is a legend among pilots, the first to be fitted with a slide rule to calculate fuel consumption; rate of assent, air speed, distance, the list is endless. Also having a chronograph function, supplying the pilot with minute and hour totalisers, it made the watch the complete aviation timepiece. The chronograph, along with the calculator, enabled airplaine pilots to carry out all necessary calculations during flight. The Navitimer was a valuable on-board instrument, and remains a valuable collectible today.

Launched twenty years ago against the trends of the period, the Chronomat heralded the renaissance of the mechanical chronograph. Breitling now presents Chronomat Evolution, the new version of the model which has asserted itself as the benchmark in this product category. This restyling represented a significant challenge for Breitling designers. The result is an opulent, sophisticated chronograph featuring a perfect blend of proportions and curves, while remaining dedicated to its vocation as an "instrument for professionals" thanks to its sturdiness, precision and functionality.

Breitling is the watchmaker that has taken the chronograph from the intrument panel and put it on the human wrist.

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