About Cartier

about cartier Cartier replica is one of the most famous brand names in the luxury goods marketing the world. Today, Cartier's best-sellers include the classic "Tank"; the hot new "Tank Francaise", a sports watch similar in concept to the Santos; the "Pasha", which has become a very watch for ladies; and the "Panther" which features a highly distinctive bracelet available in 18K gold, stainless steel and gold, or stainless steel.

Needless to say, a Cartier watch is finished to very high standards. The cases and bracelets in particular are meticulously handcrafted and exude quality in every sense of the word. Yet in spite of the famous brand name and timeless designs, Cartier watches are available in a wide range of prices and styles. If you are looking for a prestigious name brand that offers a mix of quality craftsmanship and contemporary styling, one need look further than Cartier.

The first true Cartier replica watch, the Santos, designed by Louis Cartier, was introduced in 1904. Soon thereafter the House of Cartier introduced the influential Cartier Tank, only to be complemented by the Pasha, one of the earliest truly water-resistant watch designs.

Today, the Cartier replica watch designers draw on the astounding design archives, patents and collections left by Louis Cartier. Elegant and distinctive innovations such as the Tank Francaise and Roadster models continue to represent the excellence that has been associated with the Cartier name for more than a century.

Cartier has remained so special because they have always made wristwatches in a variety of shapes, round, square, tortue, tonneau, rectangular, and oval, rather than limiting themselves to one or two shapes. Their designs have always managed to be classic and modern at the same time. A Cartier replica watch can always be relied upon to make a fashion statement.

Gifted in the art of shape, Cartier, plays with volumes, stones, numerals and dials, creating exquisite precision timepieces that freely explore the dimensions of shape and colour. Discreetly circled with round or baguette-cut diamonds, the jeweller shapes the hours and minutes in the familiar forms of modest objects such as the paper-clip or a horse-shoe — interpreting time in a mysterious, poetic way.The sobriety of two-tone colour is a recurrent feature in Cartier collections.

Cartier has always been a name synonymous with beauty and elegance, so for any admirer of beautiful objects, this was definitely a “moment”. Some in the room were so lost in admiration that they had to be gently prodded to pass on the watches to the next person.

The company put together different teams of craftsmen on the same piece: gem, cutter, enameller, engraver, sculptor, lacquer, setter, polisher, sheath-maker, mother of pearl artisan, guilder, watchmakers, etc.

Cartier enabled the French Artisan and artistic potential to survive by revalorizing tradition handcraft, the apprentices training and exportation. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the mechanical part of the watch was not considered by the jewelers because of its problems in their trading; assembling, adjustment, repair. In 1905 Louis Cartier made sure to have the exclusive production of one of the first watch-establishment in Paris: Edmond Jaeger.

This association put together an artist and a technician and turned out to be very successful: Jaeger came out with an important reduction of the movement thickness. The dial became rectangular or oval for the first time in the watch history. Jaeer adapted is mechanic to these transformations, and made the “Duo-plan” caliber. (The movement is three times as long as it is wide). Relating to the bands, the collaboration of Cartier-Jaeger enabled the creation of the deployment buckle much more elegant and practical.

Today, Cartier has his own workshops in Switzerland and manufactures his own movements. Miss Jeanne Toussaint assistant of Cartier , had the designs of her creation manufactured under the management of Maurice Covet and his brother., admirable artisans who helped Cartier for almost sixty years. Without any doubt, Cartier is fully a clock making creator and one of the most prestigious name in his field.

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