About Corum

about CorumOver the years and in a relatively short period of time, Corum has become one of the leading and most innovative watch manufacturers in the world. Corum brand watches seem to give us new ways to look at time. Corum replica watches combine the unique style in fashion and creativity with the expertise of Swiss watchmaking.

Since the company’s beginning, Corum has taken pride in being a distinctively “different” Swiss watch manufacturer. Founded in 1955, its roots began and remain in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Gaston Ries, a talented watchmaker, with the help of his nephew Rene Bannwart, transformed his small private label watch factory into a unique brand all their own.

The partnership was perfect – the uncle brought an eye for detail and the nephew and eye for beauty. They chose the name CORUM based on the word “quorum” and decided that the logo would be an upright key, “La Clef du Temps Parfait,” the key to perfect time. This motto later became the “key to beautiful time,” but in their hearts it was really “the key to success.”

In 1956, the first watches to appear in the market were daring, excitingly different works and were greeted with great success. It was the first indication of CORUM’s propensity to be a trendsetting watch manufacturer.

Two years later, in the rush of preparing a new collection for the Basel Watch and Jewellry Fair, the hour markers were missing from some of the watch dials. Leaving them plain with only the logo, CORUM again set a trend and the company’s renown grew. By 1964 CORUM firmly established its worldwide fame with the introduction of the $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin -- a model worn by numerous U.S. Presidents and prominent civilians alike.

On September 25th, 1980, the first transparent “Golden Bridge,” yet another model totally unique to the CORUM brand, was presented. This masterpiece, featuring an extraordinary movement in which all the workings are perfectly aligned, was a true technological revolution. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the company is reintroducing the Golden Bridge in a Limited Edition production. In order to recreate this watch today, CORUM had to completely rework and retool the basics of its re-engineered mechanical movement.

The Admiral’s Cup, also a signature watch, featuring nautical pennants that correspond to maritime code was first manufactured in 1983. With the launch in 2005 of a new Admiral’s Cup model, utilizing aspects of the yachting world’s latest technology, CORUM will once again sponsor the Admiral’s Cup Regatta…an illustrious race of which CORUM has been part since this model’s inception.

Consistently introducing highly distinctive models through the years, CORUM achieved a well-deserved international reputation.

Now the passion for producing both beautiful and unique timepieces is under the auspices of Severin Wunderman, who purchased the company in January 2000. Wunderman, the man behind a quarter of a century of the overwhelming success known as Gucci Timepieces, collaborates closely with his son Michael. Together, in this family owned and operated enterprise, they embrace a vision of never-ending creativity and undying excellence.

As testament to this, the father and son team resurrected the high art of hand painted and enameled Limited Edition watch dials. Each year they present new and intriguing designs from a variety of subject matter that is painstakingly created by a small group of master artisans in Switzerland. Last year CORUM hosted a world tour for one of these artisans in order to share his talent with the public. The results, in every situation, were awe-inspiring.

The younger Wunderman took over the reins as President in 2004 and proudly carries forth CORUM’s tradition of distinction and adventure while creating a genre of his own. Both father and son when asked the question: “What makes time interesting?” know that the answer will always be “CORUM.”

With strong tradition and renown reputation, the world has come to expect the best from Corum. Corum manufactures a rich assortment of high-quality Corum replica watches.

Corum Models

Admiral's Cup

The Admiral's Cup race was first held in 1957 and the Corum Admiral's Cup watch was introduced just 3 years later in 1960. This first watch was square, water resistant and had a sailboat engraved in the back. It had little resemblance to the current Corum Admiral's Cup watches with their twelve-sided case design and brightly colored nautical penants decorating the bezels. The Corum Admiral's Cup is available in 40mm, 41mm, 44mm, and 48mm as well as in versions with a chronograph complication or just time and date. Several materials are available as well: rose gold, yellow gold, two tone, stainless steel and even a titanium and rubber fusion on the Admiral's Cup Challenge Regatta 2007.


Created in 1966, the Corum Romulus was the first watch ever to display the hour numerals on the bezel. It sports a sapphire case back engraved with a laurel crown in honor of Romulus, the founder of ancient Rome. It's available in stainless steel, white or yellow gold and a dual time version in either yellow or white gold.

Golden Bridge

The Corum Golden Bridge collection is unique in the watchmaking world. It's four sapphire sides offer an unrestricted view of the intricately detailed linear movement, which appears to be floating in mid-air, held only by the gold bridge that names this watch. The Corum Golden Bridge is offered in 18k gold or platinum, and is also available with delicate diamond work.

Tourbillon and Classical

The Corum Tourbillon and Classical collection, as the name suggests, is devoted to the most elegant and complicated watches. The current collection is comprised of the Corum Classical Billionaire Tourbillon, a diamond and sapphire covered masterpiece of watchmaking, the Corum Golden Tourbillon Panoramique with its tourbillon movement floating between sapphire bridges, and the skeleton dialed Corum Classical Skylight Skeleton..

Coin Watch

One of the most recognizable Corum watches, the Coin watch, is still available almost fifty years after its debut. Corum precisely installs a manual wind or quartz movement inside a $20 “Double Eagle” or a $10 “Liberty” coin to create this watches that will only get increasingly rare, as the supply for this historic coins diminishes. They are available with a diamond bezel, for a more distinguished look.

Artisan Timepieces

The Corum Artisan watch line is defined by beautiful dials depicting wild animals, exotic locales, or even historic scenes, all of them limited edition masterpieces of some of the very few craftsmen left who are familiar with the immensely time consuming techniques used in these watches.


The Corum Bubble collection exhibits the company's passion for design innovation, using extra large domed crystals that give the wearer a changing perspective from each different angle. Corum has utilized this versatile platform to create some of the most unique and recognizable limited edition Corum watches, with themes ranging from poker, pirates, to bats or even a skeleton gangster.

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