About Eberhard and Co

Ever since the company was founded, Eberhard & Co. has based its philosophy on an ongoing quest for watches that are innovative both technically and formally - and with a consistent regard for a tradition of reconciling mechanical movements with elegant styling.

For more than a century, Eberhard & Co. has been creating professional instruments of the highest quality.

By paying strict attention to performance, the brand has built an international reputation for its chronographs and chronometers.

Young watchmaker Georges-Emile Eberhard opened his watchmaking shops in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1887.

The technical quality and elegant beauty of his pocket watches grnered him popularity amongst the most discerning clientele of the time. Eberhard & Co. became a family business when Georges-Emile's sons followed in their father’s footsteps.

In 1919, Eberhard unveiled its first chronograph wristwatch. Five years later, the firm launched its chronograph with two pushbuttons and in 1939 it unveiled the distinctive chronograph rattrapante.

Decade after decade since, Eberhard has continued to demonstrate its technical prowess and design innovation.

Eberhard’s collection of timepieces is rich with diversity. Among its watch lines are the patent-pending Chrono 4 series; Extra Forte; Replica; and Tazio Nuvolari—each with sporty appeal.

The sophisticated 8 Days collection of technically refined watches with a patented power-reserve device offers chic elegance, as does the Traversetolo collection of oversized timepieces with transparent caseback exposing the movement with pearl-finished embellishments.

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