About Hublot

About HublotThe first Hublot watch was introduced at the 1980 International Watch and Jewelry Basel Fair. It caused quite a sensation as its creator, Carlo Crocco, had dared produce a solid gold watch fitted with a black strap made of natural black rubber delicately scented with vanilla. The strap was completed with another innovation; the Hublot double-deployant clasp. 23 years later, the Hublot watch has become a great classic of Swiss replica watch making, and MDM remains one of the last family owned watch manufactures, the essence of its creation.

The strength of MDM Geneve is to keep total freedom of creation, to maintain its independence and its exclusive personality in preserving a clear and global vision on the long-term prospect of Hublot and consolidating the future without the financial pressure of a conglomerate. The MDM family enterprise also allows preserving direct relationships with its faithful partners who have contributed to the establishment of Hublot since the very first day, thus resulting in a never equaled synergy.

Hublot was born out of a desire to transcend contemporary watch design and produce a unique watch line. Creator Carlo Crocco acquired strong notions of beauty growing up in a family of watchmakers, and by 1977 had designed his first watch. In 1980 he established his own company, MDM Geneve, hoping to create a watch whose elegant and sporty design would be appreciated the world over.

Crocco was determined to develop a watch that not only had pure lines and a respect for the materials used, but one that transcended changing fashions and could be worn in both elegant and informal situations. His first rule was simplicity: no superfluous design elements. The look was modeled after a porthole (Hublot, in fact, is French for porthole), and the replica watch made from materials ranging from finely brushed steel to gold. Twelve titanium screws anchored the bezel to the case, marking the hours in a confluence of form and function. As for the case itself, it required no less than 160 manual operations to obtain the desired degree of perfection. For the strap, Carlo Crocco decided leather was too fragile. While looking at a working drawing of the replica watch, on which the strap was represented in basic black, he was struck by how matte black could perfectly complement both steel and gold. But what material could deliver such a deep, rich satin black? It suddenly came to him: rubber.

After three years of research, the revolutionary rubber strap was ready for production. Supple, light, and highly durable, the strap also had a delicate vanilla scent. The corrosion-resistant strap was also reinforced with invisible steel inserts and sported a double-hinged clasp, ensuring a solid attachment to both the wearer's wrist and the watch itself. The Hublot watch was thus born, its natural rubber strap ensuring its status as a one-of-a-kind timepiece.

Colleagues and competitors were dubious when Carlo Crocco presented the Hublot watch at Basel Fair in 1980, but were soon won over as it went on to become the "Sensation" of the year. The Hublot became instantly recognizable, its swift acceptance surpassing all expectations. Members of several royal families spontaneously showed their enthusiasm for the Hublot, and it soon became the choice of the world's leading personalities. Carlo Crocco had taken a bold risk, and in a few short years Hublot watches were elevated into the exclusive circle of prestige Swiss watchmaking houses.

In the mid-1990's, natural rubber came to the attention of renowned watchmakers as evidenced by their recent models. This fact proves the validity of the choices that led to the creation of the Hublot replica watch and reinforce its status as a "Classic". For Hublot, the rubber is not a fashion trend but it represents its philosophy, a way of life and the trade-mark of the brand.

Hublot is a family firm by essence. While the watch industry is going through a period of realignment and Watch Manufactures are being acquired by luxury conglomerates, Hublot is proud to maintain its independence and its exclusive personality.

Hublot is one of the last independent Family owned watch companies with a unique mono-product concept. The total freedom of creation and its exclusive personality allows the collection to enlarge to 3 lines in a total realm of design; “Classic” Sport” and Elegant”, including accessible complications and the unmistakable “Art Collection”. Composed of Limited Series adorned by outstanding enamel or superbly engraved dials, realised with the collaboration of the most talented and renowned Master Craftsmen, each in their specific technique, the “Art Collection” presents personalised pieces like no others that contribute to the enrichment of the entire Hublot collection.

Hublot Models

In 1980, As soon as the Hublot brand was set up, The Classic line was born. The classic line became a classic of Swiss Horology, always seeking the essential and purest aesthetic form.
Bearing a strong identity together with an awesome design, the classic line Hublot line brought the DNA of the brand story: GOLD and RUBBER STRAP.
It is very easy to identify a classic model by only looking at its design. The classic models are available in four sizes featuring self winding mechanical movement or quartz movement.
In 2005,the new Classic models were launched by Hublot.
Hublot does not offer another version of the Hublot strap in natural rubber with a gorgeous "croco" color strap which keeps its traditional rubber base to maintain its amazing sense of comfort. Hublot offers a new collection with an overall face lift to its superb design.
Hublot collection has had several innovation. In 2005 the deployant clasp combined with the adjustable strap which adapts to different wrist sizes was introduced, keeping always the timekeeper's absolute comfort or extreme functionability.

Big Bang 41mm
The Big Bang collection has been consolidated with a Big Bang 41mm model
This new chronograph design brings together cutting-edge technology and gem-like appeal, as well as avant-garde elegance and sporty prestige.
Since the Hublot Big Bang chronograph 41mm was launched, it has broken the discreet aesthetics of the chronograph universe by featuring a futuristic vision of the timepiece. The only difference between the 41 and the 44mm model is the second counter on the right in the dial and the size.

Big Bang 44mm
Big Bang is the essential point in the new Hublot Fusion concept.
A "Big Bang" of magnificent proportions hides the Hublot's timeless sportiness and elegance which can not go unseen and is worth of admiration.
Not only has the case has been enlarged to 44 mm and the angles have been sharpened, but also the play of the layers around the lugs rests on the brand's four main principles: Swiss Watch making Tradition, the Visionary Art of Watch making, the union of materials and state of the art technology, and Aesthetic improvement. The new brand's collection features a great fusion of gold and ceramic, Kevlar and rose gold, tantalum or rubber with new HUB44 mechanical chronograph movement with automatic winding mechanism. The components of the timepiece include satin-finish and dial in stamped carbon. The Big Bang collection is presented in two different editions. The first is in 18K red gold with black ceramic or tantale bezel, and the second with a metallic bracelet made of steel.

Bigger Bang 44mm
Hublot is proud to present this masterpiece of high watchmaking craftsmanship. It includes the first "Tourbillon Column-Wheel Chronograph".
For the first time the chronograph mechanism and column wheel are visible via the dial at 12:00 o'clock.
Not only can the person who wears this masterpiece admire the execution of each component, but also observe when the chronograph is activated by pressing the push piece, and the operation of the column-wheel mechanism.
The "Bigger Bang" became one of the most advanced technological research.
Hublot's master watchmakers are extremely proud of this outstanding innovation in the technical and mechanical watchmaking world.

Big Bang King
Among its 2007 novelties, Hublot has launched a bigger watch (48 mm diameter) in his collection.
A Big Bang of ideal proportions that adjust to different wrist sizes, whether slender or larger.
The red gold and white Porto Cervo ceramics model is an excellent example of this.
Its light and luminous color is particularly appreciated by women.
Sporty, distinctive, smart and visible. The Big Bang features are enhanced by the red gold numerals inserted in the unidirectional rotating bezel.
The gold was cast in recesses hollowed out of the ceramic following an innovative process.
Even though its appearance shows its vocation as a scuba diving watch, the Big Bang King is suitable for any kina of activity, not only for those which are the underwater kind. This huge chronometer perfectly adjustable to slender wrist instantly reveals Hublot's distinctive feature, not only for the fusion of materials, but also for its style, which is sporting yet refined.

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