About IWC

About IWCIWC Watches - the unique handcrafting watch. IWC replica watches are both classical and timeless. A genuine IWC replica watch has always been a watch for men. And that, perhaps, explains why it holds such immense appeal for women too.

IWC are a Swiss company have been making some of the best watches in the world for over 130 years. The Mk XV pilot’s watch is a handsome durable and practical looking watch, with minimum of dial and designe frills, it is just straight to the point and does it’s job exceptionally well. An IWC is one of the most desirable watches to own. It is made to usual Swiss fanatically high standards and each IWC watch is hand finished, and made to the highest of standards, where attention to detail is of essence. The MK XV like most IWC watches is plain, simple and uncluttered yet the minimalist and simplistic approach to the designs provide an unrestrained elegance.

IWC truly is a company of high grade engineering. IWC combines old world artisanship (especially in polishing and movement assembly), using individualized hand-work done piece by piece, with high tech modern technology employed on a non-mass produced basis. IWC is and has been a pioneer in numerous technical innovations, especially in making watch cases, relative to the entire Swiss watch industry.

IWC pioneered increasingly complex movements and became synonymous with the factory stamp "Probus Scafusia," or quality workmanship, from Schaffhausen. Many European heads of state swore by IWC timepieces. Winston Churchill was presented with a gold IWC hunter, a pocket watch, by eight Swiss doctors for his role as the "liberator of Europe" in 1944, and when Sir Edmund Hillary made his successful assault on Everest in 1953, he wore the Ingenieur, the first IWC watch to feature patented automatic winding.

Today, IWC is part of a powerful triad. Controlled by financial heavyweight LMH, a German holding company that also owns renowned watchmakers Jaeger-LeCoultre and A. Lange & Sцhne, IWC is breaking out of its small, elitist niche among watch connoisseurs and becoming the stylish choice for the likes of everyone from Michael Jordan to Giorgio Armani.

Nowadays, most watches that come out of Switzerland are completely machine-made in an assembly line, but IWC remains one of the few affordable brands that still perform assembly, oiling, timing and finishing by hand. This coupled with their focus on modern "German-style" engineering and innovation makes the brand endearing to collectors.

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