About Panerai

About PaneraiThe company Guido Panerai & Figlio was founded in 1860 in Florence, Italy. The brand became the official watchmaker of the Italian Navy, providing them with highly specialized and military timepieces.

In 1936, the company, renamed 'Officine Panerai', introduced a prototype divers watch, the 'Radiomir' exclusively for a secret torpedo commando group. In 1938, several hundred Radiomir replica watches were produced. In 1943, the house designed a two-counter water-resistant chronograph called the 'Mare Nostrum'. In the 1950's the house perfected water-resistance with the 'Luminor', which had a special lever device that kept the winding crown pressed against a seal on the case. The watch was fitted with an Angelus 8-day reserve pocket watch movement which reduced the frequency of winding, minimizing water entry. The dial used a tritium-based compound improving luminosity and thus getting its name.

The company was very quiet through the following decades until 1997, when it was bought by the Vendome Luxury Group, one of the greatest international names in the watch making field, with names like Cartier and Vacheron Constantin included in the group. Since then it has re-launched many models, produced in limited and numbered editions and is planning to raise production numbers in the future.

Designed for the Italian Navy over 60 years ago, Panerai replica watches today are still made by craftsmen to the same high standards, performing perfectly in demanding situations and able to withstand extreme conditions. It is on these qualities that their association with adventures and great achievements is based.

Panerai replica watches have a unique personality and a character which is as tough as steel; they meet quality standards which are much higher than usual, typical of equipment designed for military use. The main requirement is reliability, which is vital. A user's life may depend on this, and it may be put at risk by a watch's failure or imperfect assembly. The very strict manufacturing standards applied to Panerai replica watches are unparalleled in the watch making industry among watches intended for general use, and as a result they can only be made in limited numbers.

An example of these standards is the water-resistance of Panerai Luminor replica watches. Guaranteed to 300 meters, the watches are actually tested to resist a pressure of 40 atmospheres, which is one-third greater and equivalent to a depth of 400 meters.

Panerai watches are unique and their design is unmistakable. The large size of the watch is not in conflict with the minimalist dial markings. The need for instant legibility of the time in poor light or even in darkness resulted in the design of a unusually large dial, clearly marked with luminous numerals and hour markers. So the watches have an aesthetic personality as strong as their technical and mechanicals characteristics, making them great watches from every point of view, destined for great performances and personalities.

The sea is the natural element of Panerai watches: the ocean waves and the unfathomable deep, where the exact measurement of time is essential. The sea may represent a holiday, a discovery or a challenge, as well as a way of interpreting life without limits or boundaries. But the sea is just one of the elements in which Panerai watches find themselves at home; they are universal "time machines", precision instrument well suited to face every situation at sea, on land or in the air. Panerai watches are reliable and exclusive, perfect to accompany men and women who know how to move today through time and space with confidence, style and personality.

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