About Dewitt

about dewittDeWitt ,an approach geared to the future of mechanical watchmaking.

These are some of the keys to the contemporary emergence of Les Montres DeWitt-in the space of barely four years--as a member of the exalted circle of innovative luxury watch manufacturers. They stem from the personality of jerome de Witt whose personal history has inspired and condensed a body focused on a futuristic vision of horological micro-engineering.

1999,new watch brand--DeWitt was founded in Genevese Switzerland by jerome de Witt. It is a company which produces high quality mechanical watches. And most of the mechanical modules are researched and developed by the watchmakers themselves. For an independent watch factory, that is the most important for its development, because if so, they can not only reflect their invention style, but also can master the future trend of the watchmaking development.

DeWitt watches will satisfy the people with its strength on one hand. Every single DeWitt watch is made by the same watchmaker, and carved with then maker’ name. All of this symbolized the elegance, elaboration, magnificence of the DeWitt standard. On the other hand, DeWitt watches are made by diversified cooperation, which makes the DeWitt watches progress continually and rise into the front row in the watchmaking field.

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