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Diesel S.p.A. is an Italian design company. It is best known for luxury, pret-a-porter clothing aimed at the young adult market, particularly jeans. The company is owned by its founder Renzo Rosso, and is based in Breganze in northern Italy.


The company was founded by Renzo Rosso and his former boss Adriano Goldschmied of the AG Jeans company, in 1978. Diesel's milestone years include 1985 (Renzo's complete acquisition of the company), 1988 the hiring straight out of fashion college of ex-head designer and Creative Director Wilbert Das, 1991 (beginning of the international marketing strategy) and 1996 (opening of Diesel's first flagship store on New York City's Lexington Avenue).
Rosso said that they learnt marketing from the US, creativity from Italy and systems from Germany.
In February 2007, the company launched a major intimates and beachwear division for men and women that is carried in the retail and department stores. Diesel Black Gold was announced in November 2007. The company has around 2,200 employees in 18 subsidiaries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Its products are available in 5000 retail outlets, of which 300 are Diesel-branded stores. Annual sales were approximately €1.2 billion in 2005, and €1.3 billion in 2009. Revenue is largely derived from denim sales, but also extremely successful and influential ranges of accessories and children's wear - Diesel Kid.
Production of denim jeans is based mainly in Italy.
The biggest store is located in Milan, Italy.


For over 20 years all Diesel collections, including licensed products, were made under the Creative Direction of Wilbert Das. Currently the principal lines are Diesel, the main line, and Diesel Black Gold, a new collection launched in 2007 in the casual-luxury segment. The children's collection is called Diesel Kid. Diesel Denim Gallery offers limited edition denim sold in innovative art-gallery-like spaces. Diesel also offers collections of footwear, intimate (underwear), and bags. Diesel's licensed collections are eyewear (made with Safilo), jewelry and watches (Fossil), and fragrances (L'Oréal). L'Oreal and Diesel launched Fuel for Life (for him and for her) in the fall of 2007. A mini-collection for Adidas was launched in 2008 called Adidas Originals Denim by Diesel. The underwear license is held by the US company Mast Industries Inc., who also make lingerie for Victoria's Secret. A new collaboration with AGV has seen the launch of a Helmet. Recently Diesel Home, thanks to collaborations with Moroso nd Foscarini has been launched in the market.
The Diesel company has acquired stakes in the brands Viktor & Rolf, Maison Martin Margiela and DSquared2.

Creative Direction

Diesel's Creative Director and head designer is Wilbert Das who has worked for Diesel since 1988. Wilbert started as a designer on the Male, Accessories, Leather, and Kids lines. He rose quickly to head the style office and creative areas of Diesel, and in 1993 was given the official title of Creative Director, with responsibilities ranging from directing all product design as well as all communication campaigns. From clothing and accessory design to advertising, new media, merchandising, retail and interior design (:including stores, showrooms, offices, hotels), planning of fashion shows and events, as well as developing new brand extensions such as houseware, furniture and even automobiles. Literally all aspects of the Diesel brand’s style and image fell under Wilbert’s responsibility.
Wilbert Das left Diesel in late 2009 amid rumors of irreconcilable differences with CEO Rosso over the future direction of the company.
In 2010 the new creative direction was given to the french fashion founder of WAD Magazine (We Are Different), Bruno Collin.


In recent years the company has driven its attention to endorsing young creativity by sponsoring several projects such as the Diesel-U-Music Contest. Diesel has been the founding partner of International Talent Support in its various forms. Diesel has also offered sponsorship and creative contribution to the 2006 edition of Vienna's Life Ball AIDS charity, as well as the Sundance Film Festival.
Diesel's innovative approach to marketing has let it to be perhaps the first clothing company to market their clothing in video games, and has developed innovative approaches to fashion shows.
In December 2008, Diesel announced a marketing partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, to sell their designs in Sony's virtual world, Playstation Home with the majority of the proceeds going to the OTBF Only The Brave Foundation (Diesel's charitable arm). From January to September of 2008, Diesel spent $5.8 million on U.S. advertising, according to TNS Media Intelligence.
A November 2009 New York Post article mentions that "the CEO of the fashion house's US division, Steve Birkhold, has resigned to join a rival firm." According to the Post, Birkhold was allegedly attempting to secure deals to expand the Diesel brand into U.S. chain stores like Macy's, while Diesel's Italy execs feared such a move would dilute the brand's image.
In 2010 from its headquarters in Breganze, it directly manages 18 subsidiaries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. It is now present in more than 80 countries with 5,000 points of sale, including more than 400 company owned stores.
Diesel is part of the holding Only the Brave, which also incorporates 55DSL (a brand strongly linked to street wear and urban culture); Staff International (an Italian company that manufactures and distributes clothing for brands such as Diesel Denim Gallery, Maison Martin Margiela, DSquared2, Vivienne Westwood, Viktor & Rolf and Marc Jacobs Menswear); and controlling stakes in Maison Martin Margiela and Viktor and Rolf.

Diesel Watches - The History and Heritage of This Fashion Watch Brand

Even though Diesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, the brand didn't become internationally recognized until 13 years later, in 1991. It was in the nineties that Diesel began an aggressive marketing campaign to introduce the brand to the world. The first Diesel flagship store opened in New York City in 1996, just as the denim line experienced a surge in popularity in the United States. Over the past decade, the extremely successful denim line expanded to include accessories, a home line, perfume and a children's line. Diesel currently has 300 stores worldwide in over 80 countries, with its headquarters in Molvena, located in Northern Italy.
Diesel's creative and provocative marketing targets a younger demographic. These trend-setters want to express their inividuality through their clothing, as well as lead an independent and exciting life. Wilbert Das, Diesel's creative director, has been with the company since 1988 and oversees all product design as well as manages Diesel's image through advertising and new product development. Diesel also prides itself on hiring a talented and innovative staff to create products that start trends, not copy them.
The company also sponsors several events and programs for their talented and creative target audience, such as contributing to the Sundance Film Festival and exhibiting new designers and photographers. Diesel also focuses on music, offering a music social network through their website called Diesel:U:Music. Musicians can upload and share music with other musicians, and enter contests to win their own headlining world tour sponsored by Diesel.
Diesel's accessory line is quite popular, especially their watches, which are available for men, women and also includes several unisex styles. Like Diesel apparel, Diesel watches incorporate fashion and culture trends in their design, and also showcase the latest technology. Classic styles incorporate more of a sleek look with wide watchbands that are available in Italian leather, oversize numbers and a chic stainless steel case. For a more avant garde design, Diesel's Black Label offers watches that feature the watch faces in an unusual place, the sides, leaving a smooth black surface in the place of the traditional watch face. Another Black Label design displays three different time zones with a triple-hinged watch band. The watches also boast a 2-year warranty.
Whether you are choosing a Diesel watch as simply a stylish timepiece or as a conversation starter, Diesel offers a well-made product that will demonstrate the wearer's jet-setting sense of style and unique personality.

Many of us take for granted a brand's ability to create a great range of clothing and also a collection of accessories which portray the same core themes and style of the overall look. Diesel is one of those fashion brands who have successfully made the transition between clothes to watches; the timepieces conveying the same edgy style that made the brand's range of denim so popular.

Diesel Watches - Where did it all Begin?
Diesel was founded in 1978 by Italian fashion designer Renzo Rosso. Rosso always had the ambition of designing a collection which challenged current trend boundaries and the fashion traditions within the industry. Instead, he wanted to use his creative ability to produce something far more unique and thus decided to hire designers whose ideas were a little more on the quirky side. Rosso gave them the freedom to experiment and even encouraged them to stay away from trends and focus more on a collection which would allow individuals to stand out from the crowd and use their clothing as a form of personality expression. Despite Diesel aiming to be different, it became hugely popular due to its global appeal and thus you will rarely find someone who doesn't own a pair of Diesel jeans of part of the other clothing or accessory lines made by the brand.

Diesel Watches - Keeping to the Diesel Theme
Diesel always applies the same thought to its range of watches as that of the clothing line; dare to be different. Indeed, Diesel watches are very non traditional yet have become major fashion statements over the past few years. The bold and chunky appearance of Diesel watches are very much made to be noticed yet still retain a strong element of classic Italian style. The intention with Diesel has never been to be as wacky as possible for the sake of it - the creative team merely take inspiration from culture and lifestyle to design their products which consumers can then relate to. Diesel watches definitely offer something a little more unique in terms of style and can make a strong injection of urban edge into any outfit.

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