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replica watch Franck Muller WatchlandGenthod, An Idyllic Setting for Watchmaking

A few minutes from Geneva — where the countryside slopes gently down from Jura mountains to the northern shores of Lake Geneva — the historic village of Genthod enjoys an exceptional view of the Mont Blanc, rising majestically above the left bank of the lake and the wonderful landscape of the Alps. The name of Genthod is associated with many famous personalities, including illustrious scholars and artists, who influenced their era in different fields. Perhaps all they have in common is their sensibility to the charms of this site: charms they succumbed to before settling here permanently. By taking a step back in time, we can imagine their enchantment when they fell upon the serence beauty of Genthod and its surrounding countryside. It is certainly the reason why splendid stately homes were built in the area, leaving a priceless architectural, cultural and social heritage.

Franck Muller is another in this long line of personalities inspired by the legendary serenity and beauty of Genthod. It was this very setting that prompted him to establish his own Fine Watchmaking company. He settled here in 1986 and started making his first watches — unique items ordered by experienced collectors. A new turning point was reached when the company moved into "les Amandoliers" — a neo-Gothic style manor house, built in 1905. Major restoration and redevelopment work was carried out in order to create a concept and a watchmaking area that is unique in the world: FRANCK MULLER WATCHLAND.

As we enter this third millenium, FRANCK MULLER watches are still being made with this spirit of discovery and creative genius that has inhabited the woodlands and hills of Genthod for centuries.

A Unique Watchmaking Site

In order to keep pace with its astounding growth, the company FRANCK MULLER WATCHLAND, founded in 1992, moved to new premises in 1995 and installed its administrative headquarters and some of its workshops in a manor house located in the village of Genthod, near Geneva. This neo-Gothic building was designed at the beginning of the 20th century by the famous architect, Edmond Fatio.

Its situation is quite remarkable, with a dominant view of Lake Geneva and the perpetual snows of the Mont Blanc. Recently, two new buildings were added, respecting in every way the architectural style of the original house. The same will apply to the extension project, with the integration of another two structures. The classical terraced gardens of the estate contribute to the stylistic harmony of this architectural development, while preserving the site's exceptional panorama.

It is in this elegant and friendly atmosphere, marked by intense creative activity, that the FRANCK MULLER watches are designed and made.

Welcoming Fine Watchmaking Enthusiasts

Opening the FRANCK MULLER WATCHLAND site to enthusiasts of the art of watchmaking is to offer them a new approach and better understanding of contemporary Fine Watchmaking.

The stylistic and technical invention of a watchcase or movement, development of prototype studies, the moulding of precious metals, the assembly and casing up of a watch. From old workbenches to modern software, at the dawn of the third millenium, visitors will be able to discover the different stages in the manufacturing process ofa mechanical watch.

For Franck Muller, opening the WATCHLAND site is a way of paying tribute to the craftsmen who perpetuate the great watchmaking tradition, while sharing his passion with those who already appreciate Fine Watchmaking or who want to learn about it.

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