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Bell&Ross - Men's

Bell & Ross watches are the ultimate timepiece for outdoor activity pursuits. The company began creating watches in 1992 to suit extreme occupations. Divers, astronauts, pilots and even bomb disposal experts are wearers of Bell & Ross watches. The fundamental basis of the watch design is reflective of an airplane instrument board. The mechanical precisions by which the watch movements are created ensure accuracy and longevity.
The Bell & Ross workshop is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switerland. It is here that engineers, designers and master watchmakers apply the four principles of every Bell & Ross watch. The four values are readability, performance, precision and water resistance. Each collection is designed for specific use. For example, the High Tech collection was designed principally for use in space. Space 1 was worn on the 1983 Spacelab mission by German astronaut Reinhart Ferrer. This watch was later re released in 1993. Other models in this collection were created for use by member of bomb squads and by deep-sea explorers. The latter incorporates patented technologies tested in hyperbaric tanks and boasts water resistance to the depth of 11,100 meters.
Bell & Ross watches are still popular choices for the military and police. In 2005, Bell & Ross created a 20th year commemorative watch for an elite body of the French National Police Force. The watch featured some of the design features highly sought after by military units such as night vision, discrete black casing and strap, water resistance and reliable mechanical movements. Read more...

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