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Bernard Richards Manufacture

Watch making masters are known by those very few searching for the absolute best. In a very selective world where the Elite makes the rules, nobody is speaking about mass production or productivity. BRM Watches is about passion and perfection. Bernard Richards manufacture is only a few miles from Paris. Night and day, with the help of his amazing craftsman, he turns and assembles the most complex parts of the timepieces.
Some of the most prestigious and luxury watch making giants contact him for his savoir-faire and his specialized know-how. The first BRM watch was commercialized only two years after it was created, in order to offer to watchfans a unique timepiece. At BRM, each manufacturing operation is exceptional, from the selection of the metals to the case settings. A BRM watch is a combination of beauty and power, as well as it can look "classic" and "sharp" No mass production, no quantity, only quality products.

BRM is the only French watchmaking manufacture, born of the strength of commitment and competitive spirit that has always fuelled Bernard Richards. Armed with over 25 years watchmaking experience, BRM manufactures 2,000 watches every year. Reflecting exceptional mechanical sophistication and acclaimed by the aficionados of mechanical sports, BRM watches provide their wearers with an extraordinary timekeeper. This Racing Spirit is anchored in the BRM mind: machining, chequered motorsport flags on cases and straps, high-tech materials exploited in racing car construction used as watch components. BRM shares the same luxury concept with enthusiasts of outstanding mechanics : watches that can be personalized at will, both in color and material. Every craft-made BRM model, entirely modular to suit its customers' aspirations, is an individual and deliberately racy creation. This pioneering introduction of color in luxury watchmaking satisfies a single production logic far from watchmaking standardization : Performance is born of excellence of detail. Read more...

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