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Guess was founded by Georges, Armand, Paul, and Maurice Marciano, four brothers born in Algeria but who supposedly grew up in the south of France and were influenced by the culture and style in the region. They moved to California in 1977 and founded the company in 1981. Seed money to start the business came from the Nakash family, owners of the Jordache denim empire. Their first product was a three-zipper style of jeans they named "Marilyn". Department stores and fashion critics were initially reluctant to carry the new 'stone washed denim' jeans, but in December when Bloomingdale's finally agreed with Georges to stock two dozen pairs of the new jeans as a favor to the brothers. Guess, is a popular American name-brand clothing line that uses a question mark as its emblem. It is known for its sexualized advertising campaigns, which have featured explicit black-and-white photographs of fashion models and actresses such as Drew Barrymore, Anna Nicole Smith, and Paris Hilton.Guess also markets other fashion accessories besides clothes, such as watches and jewelry. The Marciano line is also owned by Guess. Read more...

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