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Replica Watch MontBlanc

After World War II Mont Blanc has stood up on their knees. During war producing measurmants for army. In 1988 Montblanc has Integrated with the group Richemont. In 1997 Montblanc is taking great attention and is getting famous. All top international jewellers were amazed when Montblanc was present on the SIHH watch fair in Geneva for the very first time. In the year 2003 Montblanc launches the TimeWalker watch collection for cosmopolitan people. Timewalker symbolizes people who are dynamic and have a love for pure, simple but luxorious design. In 2006 the Montblanc company celebrates its 100th birthday and for this fantastic occasion designes a beautifuly crafted diamond with 43 facets, which was cut to the form of the Montblanc signet. For this glorious 100th Anniversary Montblanc releases the remerkable Star Chrono GMT Perpetual Calendar watch, which is finally touched with the real Montblanc Diamond in the crown. In 2007 Montblanc and the , founded in 1858, Swiss Watch Brand Minerva are joining their forces to build the “Institut Minerva de Recherche en Haute Horlogerie”. The laboratory than works with new solutions in watchmaking technology. In April 2008 the Montblanc introduces the calibers MB R100 and MB R200 in Star Nicolas Rieussec chronograph, which was a grat success. Read more...

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