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Porshe Design - Men's

In a market crowded with re-issues and look alikes, the distinctive PD chrono is a welcome breath of fresh air. I succumbed to the lure of this titanium-clad beauty two years ago. The astonishing way it has performed under extensive use only deepens my admiration for this sports chrono. This watch was designed from the ground up to deliver great performance with style. Accurate, compact, and durable, the PD has few peers as a sports chrono. Yet, its thin case and graceful profile would be quite at home on any dress watch. The PD reveals its greatest strength after extended use: this watch has no serious flaws. Whenever I grow tired of other watches, I invariably reach for the PD chrono because I can always count on it to perform superbly. Poor legibility in low light and dull finish are about its worse shortcomings, minor flaws in my book. Read more...

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