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Replica Watches Tissot

Tissot was founded in 1853 by Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Emile at Le Locle in Switzerland. After spending time in New York, Charles-Emile, developed unique marketing approaches which led to him visiting Russia some 52 times. His travels were rewarded, as Tissot was Russia's watch of choice until the revolution in 1917. To ensure survival at Tissot, Charles-Emile and his son Paul modernized the factory, making the production of watches more efficient. Paul refined production even more and in true family tradition broke into other foreign markets. Tissot has exuded a sense of originality and innovative forms to their watches, from the very beginning until present time. Tissot has followed the policy of creating quality watches at realistic prices.

In 1930 Tissot launched its anti-magnetic watch, first of its kind. The Tissot navigator watch was another first, a self winding watch with universal calendar. Then with the quartz watch revolution, Tissot contributed with the magnetic clutch, which facilitates time zone changes. It also contributed the first analog quartz watch with multi-functional digital display.

In 1985 Tissot released the most unusual, and very popular, range of rock watches. The rock watch case is made of swiss granite, millions of years old, no two pieces are the exact same. Different traces of minerals and semi-precious stones can be seen in the watch face, differing according to where the granite was mined. This range has also been expanded to include the Jewels of Nature watch faces made from semi-precious stones, bassalt, mother of pearl, coral and shell rock. Tissot originality certainly makes it one of the classic watch makers. Read more...

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