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Replica Watches Zenith

1865 At 22, Georges Favre-Jacot establishes the Zenith manufacturing firm in Le Locle, on of Switzerland’s most famed centres of horology. A true visionary he understands the importance of inter changeable components in watch making.
1875 Numerous innovations contribute to the evolution of Zenith and the entire watch making industry. Just 10 years old the company employs thirty percent of Le Locle’s population.
1900 Favre-Jacot wins first prize at the Grand Prix de Paris.
1911 The brand’s official name is changed to Fabrique des Montres Zenith S.A. By now, the company has accumulated 1,565 first prizes from the universal exhibition in Paris, Milan, Barcelona and Montreal, as well as the Diamond International in New York. At the Mercurio d’oro in Rome, Zenith places first and is awarded by the chronometer observatories.
1954 Zenith sets the new record in the wrist chronometer category at the Observatory of Neuch?tel.
1969 A legend is born: the El Primero chronograph calibre, the first integrated automatic watch with 36,000 vph.
1975 The production of the mechanical movements yields to the rise of the quartz.
1984 With the strong revival of mechanical horology, Zenith is ready to reclaim its status at the top. It relaunches its proprietary El Primero movement.
1994 The new automatic extra flat movement Elite is presented and voted Best Mechanical Movement by the International Professional Press.
1997 Two important novelties are developed: the sports chronograph Rainbow Fly-back and the ChronoMaster Elite featuring a power reserve display.
1999 Luxury conglomerate LVMH acquires Zenith.
2003 Zenith produces 17 movements for 25 new models. The manufacture distributes these great timepieces through 15 branches around the world.
2004 The brand launches an incredible collection of ladies mechanical timepieces including the Baby Star Elite with stunning colours and gemstone accents. Read more...

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