Kalle Blomkvist October 24, 2018

Legendary forms of Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date and non-standard design approach

This year, the Oyster collection, famous for its exceptional watches made of precious metals, was enriched with the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 model in an 18-carat white gold case. The new model continues the tradition of Day-Date and its progenitor - the 1956 Day-Date model, which became the flagship among the watches, indicating not only the date on the dial, but also the full name of the day of the week.

The main feature of the novelty is that the display of the days of the week in the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date is available in 26 languages, and the change of the day of the week and date occurs in one instant at midnight.

It should be noted that the dial of this year’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date was made from a meteorite, which allowed the use of a unique natural pattern. The movement of the cosmic watch hands results in the caliber 3255 of the Rolex manufactory production with automatic winding and a power reserve of about 70 hours. On the hand, the case holds a bracelet with semicircular three-row links, better known as the President bracelet, which undoubtedly indicates the popularity of Rolex among representatives of the political elite..

Kalle Blomkvist September 24, 2018

Friends of the brand gathered for the opening ceremony of a new boutique Hublot Flagship on New Bond Street in one of the most prestigious shopping centers in the world and noted a symbolic dinner meeting at Iconic Brown's Hotel.

The list of invited guests included: Lara Stone, Dinah Asher-Smith and Chelsea players; David Luis, Olivier Giroux, Marcos Alonso and Ross Barkley, Jack Louden, Amy Jackson, Oliver Prudok, Nick Compton ...

As a modern innovator in the world of Swiss luxury watches, Hublot held the thematic festival Art of Fusion. The ribbon cutting ceremony was organized by Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe in conjunction with Chelsea players; David Luis, Olivier Giroux, Ross Barkley and Marcos Alonso. The illustrious team opened an exquisite boutique with an area of 100 square meters, which features innovative retail technologies and "Pop-Art" paintings depicting the iconic Hublot Big Bang.

Kalle Blomkvist September 24, 2018

On September 12, Apple introduced its new "smart" watches to the world. Apple Watch Series 4 remained with its rounded corners, but with a wider display and a less slim body. The microphone, with the purpose of reducing the echo, was transferred to the other side of the gadget, and the speaker, whose volume doubled, was optimized for calls, Siri commands and the "Radio" app.

When creating the Apple Watch Series 4, engineers were betting on health applications. Now the watch is capable of removing the heart rate with the help of the new "ECG" application. The electrodes integrated into the Digital Crown wheel, along with the heart activity sensor, now periodically evaluate the rhythm of the heartbeat in the background and send a report of the abnormalities. Also, the wrist cardiologist warns the user if the cut-off frequency falls outside the specified range. The research data and the conclusions drawn from them are saved in the "Health" application in PDF format.

The new generation gyroscope and accelerometer built into the Apple Watch Series 4 are now able to recognize the fall of their owner. Now in the case of such an unpleasant situation, the system displays a notification of a drop that can be used to call emergency services or simply reject it. If the user remains motionless for 60 seconds after the alert is displayed, the wrestler will call the rescuers and send your relatives the coordinates of your location.

And of course Apple did not forget to take care of the users-athletes. For them, new training was added, the function of notifications about the pace during the jogging and the function "Competitions in Activity", which allows you to compete with other owners of new "apple" watches.

Kalle Blomkvist September 11, 2018

On November 20, the court of Solothurn (Switzerland) announced a temporary moratorium on the payment of debts to Fortis Uhren AG. At the end of May 2018, the company would have been declared bankrupt if it had not coped with its financial difficulties and would not have found a common language with creditors.

A German businessman, Jupp Philippe, a former owner of a food company, came to the rescue. On September 1, the entrepreneur took over the company, renamed Fortis Watches AG, and Lorenz Ebisher was appointed as executive director. Before the change, the brand was owned by a fund from Liechtenstein.

Fortis was founded in 1912 by a watchmaker who opened his workshop in the town of Grenchen. In 1926, the company set up a mass production of self-winding watches, in 1937 - introduced its first chronograph, became one of the companies producing waterproof watches during the Second World War, and in the late nineties created an automatic chronograph with a built-in mechanical alarm clock.

Kalle Blomkvist September 6, 2018

Minute Repetre of the Renaissance era.

The Renaissance era in Italy influenced the work of many artists. Christopher Claret was no exception and created a minute repeater Adagio, decorating him with the engraving of a master from Neuchatel, Eddie Jacquet. Six Renaissance musical instruments were presented on the body, ears and repeater model. On each of the four ears, a wheeled lyre, a tambourine, a lute and bagpipes were located. The head of the minute repeater shows a sakbut and bombard (modern trombone and oboe). The central part of the building is decorated, typical for Renaissance furniture, patterns and curls. To make models, the engraver needs to spend a week.

The manufactory caliber represented by 455 pieces is hidden under the dial of black onyx. A small second hand is placed on the "9 o'clock" mark, a large date indicator is at "6 o'clock", and the time indicator of the second time zone with the "day / night" function, on the additional dial at the "2 o'clock" mark.

The "cathedral gongs" of the combat mechanism are equipped with a special patented device that is able to prevent their collision with vibration caused by hammer impacts. The design of the large date indicator is patented in the same way. The crown is equipped with a safety device: when the drum spring is fully tensioned, the mechanism uncouples the winding shaft to prevent damage due to excessive tension.

Adagio watches with engraving are available in different versions - in red gold, white gold or platinum, as well as in a fully engraved case or case encrusted with "baguette" cut diamonds on bezel or baguette-cut diamonds and sapphires.

Kalle Blomkvist September 3, 2018

A world class navigator and snowboarder-record holder joined the family of brand ambassadors.

It's not a secret that unexplored waters cause not only a sense of fear, but also a charm that can awaken instincts and listen to the inner voice. It is the sea that inspires designers and engineers of Ulusse Nardin.

Sebastian Destremo, French-Austrian navigator-explorer, five-time participant of the America's Cup, winner of the Sydney-Hobart race, as well as a daredevil who completed the 124-day single regatta Vande-Glob.

Mathieu Crepel, the world champion in snowboarding, the X Games medalist and researcher, immersed in the study of hydrological cycles and surfing, which has become no less significant part of his life, as well as descent from the snow slope.

Kalle Blomkvist August 20, 2018

On September 30, a traditional motor cycle will start, founded by Australian Mark Havva in 2012. On the Distinguished Gentleman's track, held for the charity fund The Movember Foundation, more than one hundred thousand bikers will appear in extravagant costumes.

Gentlemen's races are held in more than 600 cities in 95 countries to attract attention to the study of prostate cancer and the prevention of male suicide.

With the support of the watch brand Zenith, which released a special model Zenith PILOT Type 20 Chronograph Ton Up Black in honor of this event, motorcyclists will pass the distance on their choppers, cafe-racer, beaver, crossovers and vintage scooters. The watches are dedicated to fast and succinctly executed motorcycles such as Cafe Racer.

The 45 millimeter case of the new Zenith is made of aged steel and fixed on a black nubuck strap, and the chronograph is driven by the automatic E1 Primero 4069, capable of working more than 50 hours without winding.

Kalle Blomkvist August 13, 2018

Great master of kung fu on the dial of Memorigin

Not long ago, on July 20, 1973, the great master of Chinese martial arts and actor Bruce Lee passed away from brain edema, of unknown origin.

On the 45th anniversary of his death, Memorigin released a new watch model with a tourbillon and an engraved image of a kung fu master on the dial. The body, made of pink gold in combination with a black and yellow strap, recalls the famous costume in which Bruce Lee starred in the movie "The Game of Death." The circulation of the novelty is limited to 30 copies.

Kalle Blomkvist August 9, 2018

The theme of the watch for football fans has always been and will be relevant. Specially before the beginning of the third season, the watch brand TAG Heuer released two models, designed to match the colors of the football club. Design watches TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 and TAG Heuer Formula 1 includes a combination of red and anthracite hues.

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Manchester United model is completed with a red rubber strap. A red devil is depicted on the rear steel cover of the case, 43 mm in diameter. The logo of the club is on the "9 o'clock" mark, also the key features of this watch are: a rim with a 60-second scale, a TAG Heuer logo on the bezel, hour, minute and central seconds of the chronograph - all in red. The watches work with the Heuer 01 Automatic mechanism.

Chronograph TAG Heuer Formula 1 Manchester United also received new colors. The red lacquer coating is decorated with the Arabic numerals "12", which contrasts with the anthracite dial with matte opal enamel.

The steel chronograph has a steel fluted bezel with a tachymeter scale. The logo of the club took its place on the counter, located at 6 o'clock (this counter is designed for measurements with an accuracy of 1/10 seconds, the needle makes a full turn in one second), and also on the back screw cap.

Kalle Blomkvist June 25, 2018

Certina has released the DS Action Diver Sea Turtle Conservancy Special Edition, which is dedicated to the partnership of the brand with the organization Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) and its project Tour de Turtles on monitoring the migration of sea turtles. The presentation took place in London in the Sea Life aquarium.

From their predecessors DS Action Diver, the new watch is different in design: on the back cover is engraved the STC logo - the image of the sea turtle, and the color of the second hand coincides with the official color of this logo.

The rest remains unchanged: the automatic mechanism ETA Powermatic 80, 43-mm steel case and all the signs of the diving model, established by the international standard ISO 6425 - screwed back cover and crown, rotating in one direction corrugated luminescent bezel, luminescent indices and arrows, bracelet with elongation.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of watches will go in favor of STC. Interestingly, the watch company also personally takes care of the sea turtle named Zertina.