Nikita Grudinin March 12, 2019

Startech 3500 is suitable for quartz chronographs

On the eve of the exhibition in Basel,  Ronda  announced the release of a new series of quartz

movement Startech 3500.  Swiss Made movements are suitable for creating split-chronographs

with a central second hand and with the arrangement of counters at 6.9 and 12 o'clock or 6 at

12 o'clock. The size of the Caliber 3520 D - 10½ x 11½ ’’ ’mechanisms makes them suitable for

female models.

Механизм Ronda_3500

The counters are designed to measure intervals up to 30 minutes,  10 hours and up to 30 minutes

with an accuracy of 1/10 of a second.

Механизм Ronda_3500

Nikita Grudinin March 7, 2019

New model for fans of the legendary reggae musician

Часы Raymond Weil Tango GMT Bob Marley

Raymond Weil has released a limited edition of 1500 with a series of new model Raymond Weil Tango  GMT  Bob  Marley 

in honor of Bob Marley. This is not the first watch that the company devotes to the musician  -  in 2017,  the Bob Marley 

Caribbean Exclusive series was popular. The black dial of the novelty is decorated with the head of a lion, and the color 

scheme  uses  a range of  colors from the flag of Ethiopia.  The second hand is red,  the minute scale is yellow,  and the 

second time zone is green.

Часы Raymond Weil Tango GMT Bob Marley

On the back of the engraved autograph of Bob Marley and the phrase TIME WILL TELL  -  the name of his hit album Kaya. 

In the case of polished steel with a diameter of 42 mm with a water resistance of up to 300 meters,  a quartz movement 

is installed.

Nikita Grudinin March 4, 2019

Ларго Арджентина в Риме

In  2014,  the famous Italian house  Bvlgari already sponsored the restoration of the famous architectural monument

- Stairs,  located in the Eternal City in Rome.  A  generous  donation  agreement was signed between Bvlgari and the

city  administration.  At the moment,  the balance  of  funds allocated  5  years ago was 485 thousand 593, 58 euros.

According to the director general of Bvlgari, the staff is proud that the Italian house is involved in the reconstruction

 of the Spanish Staircase. This year, the company once again takes part in the maintenance of the archaeological site

and invests half a million euros in the reconstruction of an amazing place - Largo Argentina in Rome.

The management of the company, in particular Jean-Christophe Babin, hopes that, like many years ago, this place will

attract history lovers.  This is where tourists and city residents will meet. Very soon, all travelers will have an amazing

opportunity to visit the  Largo  Argentina zone.  Tourists who come to  Rome  will be able to see from close range ruins

and buildings that belong to architectural monuments.

Jean-Christophe Babin suggested that only Rome can give the world a "breath of culture."

Nikita Grudinin February 28, 2019

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Bradley Cooper watches, which were noticed by admirers of the famous

actor during the last  Oscar  award ceremony,  can be bought by every user on the world wide

web.  Currently,  this accessory accepts bets on a popular auction,  whose name  is  Sotheby’s.

The first proposals were made on  February  22.  Until March 4 of this year,  fans and fans of a

famous movie actor may try to buy a watch.

Часы IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Single Piece

Estimated  cost  of  accessory  Ref.  IW 500923 ranges  from  20  to  30  thousand dollars.  It  is

surprising that several days are left before the end of the auction,  and the bet of 28 thousand

dollars has already been made.

A distinctive feature of the watch is a quote from the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Engraved

on the case of the accessory, the phrase “Only the heart can be vigilantly” (translated into English)

will inspire the future owner.

Часы IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Single Piece

It is interesting to note that the money that can be obtained as a result of the sale of the IWC 

Big Pilot Watch watch accessory with a gold case presented at the auction will be transferred 

to a charitable foundation.  Subsequently,  the  material  resources  will  be redirected to the 

Association Arrimage.  This organization, helping children with special needs, teaches reading 

poorly seeing and blind boys and girls.

Nikita Grudinin February 26, 2019

The owners of Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Montblanc and Chopard walked along the red carpet.

Spike Lee, holding his first statuette for the best adapted script for the film "Black Clanman", 

hand decorated with a clock Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Medium Duoface Small Seconds.

Спайк Ли на Оскаре

Richard Grant, nominated for an award in the category “Best Supporting Actor” in the movie 

“Can you forgive me?”, Chose the minimalistic Master Ultra Thin Date from Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Ричард Грант на Оскаре

Barry Jenkins, nominee in the category “Best Adapted Scenario” for the film “If Beal Street 

Could Speak,” came to the ceremony at Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Small Second.

Барри Дженкинс на Оскаре

Jaeger-LeCoultre chose Yorgos Lantimos, who was nominated with the film “Favorite” in the 

categories “Best Film” and “Best Director”. Lantimos was a Master Ultra Thin Moon model.

Йоргос Лантимос на Оскаре

Mark Ronson, who received the award for the best song for the film "The Star was Born," received 

a statuette in a Chopard L.U.C 1937 Classic watch in pink gold.

Марк Ронсон Оскар 2019

Stefan James complemented his image with the Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Quantieme 

Annuel (ref. 112535) and the Montblanc Horlogerie cufflinks (ref. 107585).

Стефан Джеймс

Часы Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Quantieme Annuel

Bradley Cooper performed on the stage of the 91st ceremony at IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Single 

Piece, which is now on display at Sotheby’s. IWC will transfer all proceeds to the Antoine de 

Saint-Exupéry Youth Foundation.

Бредли Купер  на Оскаре

Часы IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Single Piece

Actor Henry Golding also chose IWC - the Portugieser Automatic model.

Генри Голдинг

Часы IWC Portugieser Automatic

Paul Rudd arrived at the Oscar at the IWC Portugieser Automatic watch with a blue 

dial, and Chris Evans posed for photographers at the IWC Portugieser Chronograph.

Пол Радд

Часы IWC Portugieser Automatic

Крис Эванс

Часы IWC Portugieser Chronograph

Nikita Grudinin February 20, 2019

Want to buy accessories from the movie "Interstellar"? It is finished! Your cherished dream can become the most real reality.

Часы Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Auto

The famous Hamilton trademark created a unique accessory especially for the fans of the film that the audience liked. For

over 5 years,  Mörf watches have been unavailable to regular customers.  At Khaki Field Murph Auto you could only admire

on the screen. This model was made specifically for the filming of the film, and on sale it was absent.

It is worth noting that during the filming of Interstellar,  other accessories from this famous watch manufacturer were also

used. So,  on the wrist of Matthew McConaughe,  viewers could see the Khaki Pilot Day Date  -  a model presented on sale.

Часы Hamilton Khaki Field Murph Auto

Today,  2555  copies of accessories,  identical  models of watches of  Cooper's daughter,  are looking forward to meeting with

their new owners. Each accessory boasts a body made of steel, with a length of 4.2 cm, as well as an automatic caliber H-10.

It is known that when creating the design of this accessory, the opinions of Christopher Nolan and Nathan Crowley were taken

into account,  the first of which is the director,  and the second is the production designer of the popular film Interstellar.

Nikita Grudinin February 18, 2019

Украшения Thief and Heist

Francesca Amphitheater,  who is known as the designer of Tiffany & Co and director of Louis

Vuitton, plans to establish her own trademark. The new brand will be called Thief and Heist.

There is information that the first accessories  will be available in March this year. It is known

that this  accessory will be a Tag bracelet,   in  the  production of which silver and nylon were

used. Planned price is also known. She is 125 dollars. Subsequently, accessories and jewelery

will be sold,  in the manufacture of which a unique gold alloy is used, designed personally by

Francesca Amphitheatron.

Nikita Grudinin February 13, 2019

Софи Тернер в рекламе Louis Vuitton

Sophie Turner the actress from "Game of Thrones" TV-show that loved by many people starred in the Louis Vuitton 

watch-advertisement. This smart watch will surely interest everyone who sympathizes to Sanse Stark  -  the elder 

lady of the Lord Winterfell Eddard Stark family.

A similar advertising   move  was also used in advertising for the Tambour Horizon watch model, an accessory that 

represents the second   generation of  smart   watches.   This accessory was demonstrated  by Justin Theroux and 

Liu Khaoran.

Nikita Grudinin February 11, 2019

Collectors  around  the  world were given a unique opportunity   -   to buy two reliable accessories of the Panerai

model,  which were made in the 50s  of the last century. In order to get this watch with more than half a century

history,  it was necessary to visit the  ARTCURIAL  auction,  which was organized and held in Monaco.

Exclusive lots were presented to the attention of all visitors to the event and found new owners in January 2019.

Panerai Radiomir “Type A” (ref. 6152)

Часы Panerai Radiomir Type A

This watch was created in 1950.  The model is manufactured using a robust Rolex mechanism. Watches with history

have a rugged steel case. At the auction, it was announced that this accessory was worn by Admiral Amadeo Vasco,

who served in the Italian navy.  Initially,  the lot was estimated from 80  to 120 thousand euros. The purchase price

exceeded the estimated estimate by more than 2 times. Watches sold for 226 thousand euros.

Panerai ref. 3646

Часы Panerai ref. 3646

Date of production of this accessory is not specified. However, in addition to the clock, a photograph was presented 

of the owner,  who was at the teachings of the fleet of Italy, which were held in 1944. This model, as well as the lot 

described above, boasts a Rolex mechanism and a steel case.  Lot went under the hammer for  84.6  thousand euros.

Nikita Grudinin February 4, 2019

The yachtsman went to sea without an engine and electronics, but with a watch.

Дэн Ленард

You can conquer the sea without an engine and any electronics. This assumption is trying to prove 

a young yachtsman Dan Lenard,  who  is  the  founder  of Nuvolari-Lena.  The main activity of this 

company is the construction of yachts.

The unusual journey began on January 20 of this year, when a 20-year-old yachtsman left Cadiz, a 

city located in Spain.  It is planned that the voyage will end on February 14.  And the finish will be 

the Miami Boat Show.

Taking with him the Ulysse Nardin Diver Great White chronometer, Dan Lenard went alone to the sea, 

deciding to cross the Atlantic.  The traveler set sail on his own SCIA ship, which is not powered.  It is

also stated that there is no equipment on board, no compass and autopilot.

The purpose of the original solo voyage,  called the Vela-Code, is to draw public attention to existing 

environmental issues. The yachtsman wants to draw attention to the constantly deteriorating state of 

the world's oceans.

Travel details are shown via Instagram (@ vela.code).  Currently,  Dan has no internet connection.  The 

location of the vessel is tracked due to the installed tracker. It is planned that on February 5, when the

traveler reaches the Caribbean islands, the information posted on Instagram will again be updated with

the most relevant details.