1 000 000 euros for the reconstruction of Largo Argentina in Rome

March 4, 2019

Ларго Арджентина в Риме

In  2014,  the famous Italian house  Bvlgari already sponsored the restoration of the famous architectural monument

- Stairs,  located in the Eternal City in Rome.  A  generous  donation  agreement was signed between Bvlgari and the

city  administration.  At the moment,  the balance  of  funds allocated  5  years ago was 485 thousand 593, 58 euros.

According to the director general of Bvlgari, the staff is proud that the Italian house is involved in the reconstruction

 of the Spanish Staircase. This year, the company once again takes part in the maintenance of the archaeological site

and invests half a million euros in the reconstruction of an amazing place - Largo Argentina in Rome.

The management of the company, in particular Jean-Christophe Babin, hopes that, like many years ago, this place will

attract history lovers.  This is where tourists and city residents will meet. Very soon, all travelers will have an amazing

opportunity to visit the  Largo  Argentina zone.  Tourists who come to  Rome  will be able to see from close range ruins

and buildings that belong to architectural monuments.

Jean-Christophe Babin suggested that only Rome can give the world a "breath of culture."