Apple Watch. The fourth generation

September 24, 2018

On September 12, Apple introduced its new "smart" watches to the world. Apple Watch Series 4 remained with its rounded corners, but with a wider display and a less slim body. The microphone, with the purpose of reducing the echo, was transferred to the other side of the gadget, and the speaker, whose volume doubled, was optimized for calls, Siri commands and the "Radio" app.

When creating the Apple Watch Series 4, engineers were betting on health applications. Now the watch is capable of removing the heart rate with the help of the new "ECG" application. The electrodes integrated into the Digital Crown wheel, along with the heart activity sensor, now periodically evaluate the rhythm of the heartbeat in the background and send a report of the abnormalities. Also, the wrist cardiologist warns the user if the cut-off frequency falls outside the specified range. The research data and the conclusions drawn from them are saved in the "Health" application in PDF format.

The new generation gyroscope and accelerometer built into the Apple Watch Series 4 are now able to recognize the fall of their owner. Now in the case of such an unpleasant situation, the system displays a notification of a drop that can be used to call emergency services or simply reject it. If the user remains motionless for 60 seconds after the alert is displayed, the wrestler will call the rescuers and send your relatives the coordinates of your location.

And of course Apple did not forget to take care of the users-athletes. For them, new training was added, the function of notifications about the pace during the jogging and the function "Competitions in Activity", which allows you to compete with other owners of new "apple" watches.