Musicl Adagio by Christophe Claret

September 6, 2018

Minute Repetre of the Renaissance era.

The Renaissance era in Italy influenced the work of many artists. Christopher Claret was no exception and created a minute repeater Adagio, decorating him with the engraving of a master from Neuchatel, Eddie Jacquet. Six Renaissance musical instruments were presented on the body, ears and repeater model. On each of the four ears, a wheeled lyre, a tambourine, a lute and bagpipes were located. The head of the minute repeater shows a sakbut and bombard (modern trombone and oboe). The central part of the building is decorated, typical for Renaissance furniture, patterns and curls. To make models, the engraver needs to spend a week.

The manufactory caliber represented by 455 pieces is hidden under the dial of black onyx. A small second hand is placed on the "9 o'clock" mark, a large date indicator is at "6 o'clock", and the time indicator of the second time zone with the "day / night" function, on the additional dial at the "2 o'clock" mark.

The "cathedral gongs" of the combat mechanism are equipped with a special patented device that is able to prevent their collision with vibration caused by hammer impacts. The design of the large date indicator is patented in the same way. The crown is equipped with a safety device: when the drum spring is fully tensioned, the mechanism uncouples the winding shaft to prevent damage due to excessive tension.

Adagio watches with engraving are available in different versions - in red gold, white gold or platinum, as well as in a fully engraved case or case encrusted with "baguette" cut diamonds on bezel or baguette-cut diamonds and sapphires.