Replenishment in the family of the Ulysse Nardin ambassadors.

September 3, 2018

A world class navigator and snowboarder-record holder joined the family of brand ambassadors.

It's not a secret that unexplored waters cause not only a sense of fear, but also a charm that can awaken instincts and listen to the inner voice. It is the sea that inspires designers and engineers of Ulusse Nardin.

Sebastian Destremo, French-Austrian navigator-explorer, five-time participant of the America's Cup, winner of the Sydney-Hobart race, as well as a daredevil who completed the 124-day single regatta Vande-Glob.

Mathieu Crepel, the world champion in snowboarding, the X Games medalist and researcher, immersed in the study of hydrological cycles and surfing, which has become no less significant part of his life, as well as descent from the snow slope.