The founder of the company U-BOAT has demonstrated a unique collection of watches Capsoil

December 17, 2018

A few days ago, on December 11, an elegant event was organized in Crocus City in the boutique

of the famous U-BOAT  Italo Fontan watch house. Customers could admire the luxury collectible 

watches. 4  original  models  with  built-in  chronograph  delighted  all  visitors  to  the  event.

Итало Фонтана и Стивен Сигал

The  main  guest  was  Steven  Seagal  -  a  famous actor  who represents a famous global brand. 

Many famous Russian personalities, in particular, Diana Arbenina, Timur Solovyov, Sergey Kozhev-

nikov and  Denis Klyaver,  came  to  the  event  specifically  to  see  the  original  watch. 

Часы U-BOAT Capsoil

The main feature of the accessories from the presented collection was a creative solution -  to fill 

the dial with special oil with low viscosity,  and then with a loading mechanism into an artificially 

created liquid medium.  The original black case with DLC-coating, which reliably protects the me-

chanism from external influences and does not change its properties at temperatures ranging from 

0 ° to + 60 °.

It is worth noting that a potential buyer can independently choose a specific color of the strap of the accessory he likes.