All products are guaranteed for 30 days from time of arrival. We will repair your time piece free of charge within this 30 days on terms of full observance of operating rules. Our I-shop warns clients that all the watches of our shop are not originals and they are called exact copies.

What is not covered by warranty or breakdown?
A) The batteries of quartz watches.
B) Wear the strap, the bracelet, the watch (complete or partial), buttons, or head coverings hours in service.
C) Mismatch hour and minute hands less than half a minute division (when combining them in a position 12:00).
D) The inaccuracy of the clock.
E) Any failure or defect caused by improper use of this category of goods, ie hours.
F) Rough clock handling, namely strikes, mechanical or chemical damage to the case and the glass.
G) Moisture in the clock mechanism.
H) The clock is rather complicated piece of engineering, and require careful and gentle handling.
J) Perform the warranty terms of the order of 25 days.

Seller has right to refuse guarantee repairing and service under the following conditions:
1.The watch was used mishandled our used in a manner that would harm it (dropped, struck, etc.)
2.Watch has traces (marks) of outside penetration from repair attempt (watch has scratches, cuttings or other injuries that show attempts of opening watch)
3.Watch has marks of mechanic damages hits, casual operation (watch glass is broken popped out, winding buttons (key) is missing, buttons are missing, there are some hard dents and holes on watch body.
4.Damages are caused by temperature (too high or too low for this watch model, penetration of water, dust, mud, as a result of ignoring instructions.) Damages are caused by usage of low quality battery. Wearing out of watchband, bracelet and covering of watch is possible and permissible.
5.Discharge of battery during guarantee term is possible. Battery change cleaning and greasing (lubrication) of watch are not guaranteed services.

We also add that our I-shop does not accept returns. The product can be returned only when you have photographic proof that the product arrived from courier damaged. Upon getting a mutual agreement the cost of product will be returned to buyer within 5 working days.